Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sashed Charming Snowmen

Do you like quilts with sashing? I used to be intimidated by it especially when cornerstones were involved. During the last year I have done a complete 180 degrees however to LOVING sashing with cornerstones!

My favorite thing is how sashing sets off the blocks and calms the quilt. I think the cornerstones make it so much easier to keep the top square during assembly and they add such a nice visual detail too. A little extra work - sure - but I think they are well worth it in the end.
Charming Snowmen is completely sashed, I did the pinning during the NFL games on Sunday and sewed them together during the commercials. My husband and I had Denver & Seattle as our pool teams when the playoffs started and have agreed to split the pot between us so now I have some extra stash funds to spend! I'm a huge fan of Peyton Manning so will be cheering for the Broncos in 2 weeks although I like Seattle as well.
I decided to do scrappy 2" unfinished cornerstones since I had quite a few already cut in my bins. Some are fussy cut and others aren't.
I found this fabric in my stash to use for the outer border even though it says Merry X-mas in tiny script for my winter quilt because it's the perfect scale, it's cute and it's just the shade of blue I had in mind. I should have plenty left over for a pieced backing with some of my leftover squares too.
Today I'm working on getting Charmed Pinwheels assembled with, of course, sashing and cornerstones! Here is an old pic from November when I last worked on this UFO. I'm using white solid for sashing and I have yardage of one of the prints for the cornerstones and outer border.
Then I'll pull out my Pfaff and get the borders attached and backings made for my tops in the quilting queue. I love using the built in walking foot for long seams with very little measuring or pinning. With month end approaching the Finish Line looms... it's time to move from piecing to quilting!

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  1. The backing for the Sashed Christmas Snowmen quilt is quite dashing. I really love that color of
    blue. Love your quilt!

  2. Looks great. I think the border fabric is a nice fit. Almost ready to cross another one off.

  3. Very cute border fabric and I love using cornerstones and sashing. I know in my case having the shorter (and measured) lengths for sashing has helped keep everything square and straight. It's one more opportunity to correct the measurements. Plus I just love the look. Those charmed pinwheels will look great with the cornerstones too.

    I've even liked using a small 4-patch as a cornerstone on some past projects.

  4. Peyton is my guy, too! We are Browns fans here, but that generally means we have some other teams we follow, as well. I like sashing, too. ;)

  5. I also love sashing with cornerstones. It looks so good with your winter quilt, and it will be lovely with the pinwheels.

  6. I like the corner stones. Apart from making it easier to line up, they're a lovely design feature :)

  7. You are making great progress, Deb. The pinwheel quilt is pretty. And I just noticed the valentine tabletopper from your last post. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hmmm...what do I think of sashing???? As you saw my WIP will have no sashing...but my decorative touch in my two guest rooms is primitive (kinda) so I think no sashing "fits". So I think it all depends on the quilt.I love your scrappy cornerstones. Your choice of sashing really made each block pop! I was going to ask where those adorable pinwheels came from! (But you answered my question). Your progress is wonderful!! (You make me anxious for my summer break!!)

  9. I find that sashing with cornerstones is easier than sashing without. I really prefer to avoid it altogether though, when the design will allow it.

  10. I cannot believe how many snowmen fabrics you have! What a great project for them all.

  11. I like sashings and your snowmen quilt is adorable!! Great fabrics! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  12. Rosemary Bolton here:
    I love your kitties. I have two cornish rex boys. They are like monkeys and I love them.
    Okay, I just found your blog, and now I am subbed to you.
    I love your projects.
    I adore the paper pieced creations you have displayed here as well.
    I am caring for my 90 year old parents every day now, not all day but I am still trying to find where I put my old life and get back into sewing and quilting.
    This quilt looks fun! Love the sashing.

  13. Oh no! What has happened to Road to Oklahoma on the design board. I love that quilt top. I have been so inspired I am making one like that too.

  14. Love the layout, especially the cornerstones. I use sashing quite a bit to tame my scrappy blocks (working from other people's scraps is a challenge in itself)! I had to look for quite a while to see Merry Christmas on that fabric, I don't think it's going to be very obvious somehow!

  15. I think your snowmen are looking great and i do agree about the use of sashing. Love the fabric you have selected for the border.


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