Thursday, January 2, 2014


Now that 2013 seems to be wrapped up as far as I can tell I am excited to look ahead and set some goals for 2014!
I have 2 main quilting goals for 2014:
  1. End the year with less than 15 UFOs/WIPs. As a person who enjoys having multiple projects to choose from this would be very comfortable for me.  It could be 12 UFOs and 2 WIPs or 14 WIPs... the key thing is that I have enough variety to maintain interest but keep the projects moving along.
  2. Learn how to FMQ at a basic level and ENJOY it! A meander, some loops & swirls and a few other options that I can use to finish my tops would make me a happy quilter.

I've had a fair amount of internal debate about my UFO Countdown over the last month. I've gone from thinking I'd keep it going as is (counting down from 101) to thinking I'd get rid of it completely to a middle ground of starting it over as of 1/1/2014. I find it very motivating to track them on the blog and working that number down. But, I also don't want to live under the "cloud" of all of the old UFOs - they are DONE!

So, starting today my 2014 UFO Countdown is set to 43. I ended 2103 with 28 UFOs, found 2 more and carried over 13 WIPs. Obviously I am going to have to work that number down pretty aggressively AND finish most of the projects I start in 2014 to achieve goal #1.
To achieve goal #2 I am going to be using this book and some Craftsy classes as guides.  Last winter when I tried to learn FMQ I kept getting stuck at the moving from practice to project stage.  I really like the approach this book uses which is to start on small projects and work your way up. I have a drawer filled with Happy Blocks from years of online swapping that will be used to make up some practice quilts too.

And I might have to throw in this button now and again as a reminder... it's a learning process after all!

Since winter in Northern Minnesota is my prime quilting time I'm going to set my Q1 goals to average one UFO finish per week. I'm carrying over 4 UFOs from my 2013 Q4 list, 2 that recently were professionally quilted, 3 2013 WIPs and 4 "new" UFOs from my Collection. I'm happy with the mix of stages and techniques I'll be using on these projects.

These 13 UFOs will be on my list of goals for the Q1 Finish A Long Challenge:

My January goal for A Year of Lovely Finishes will be to bind and label Four Patch & Friends which is in the middle of my mosaic.

I posted last month HERE about my NewFO plans for 2014 including my Sewing for the Seasons theme so I'm not going to repeat them again. So as far as January Goals go this is what I'm thinking:
  1. Finish UFO#1 - Four Patch & Friends
  2. Finish UFO#2 - Minnesota Hot Dish
  3. Finish UFO#3 - Christmas Strings
  4. Finish UFO#4 - Blue & Yellow Strings
  5. Finish UFO#5 - Charmed Pinwheels
  6. RSC14 Blocks 
  7. Winter NewFO
  8. Valentine's Day NewFO
  9. Threadbias Pillow PoP SAL
  10. FMQ Project
That seems like enough to keep me busy and warm in my quilting room! Also - I am having lots of formatting issues with Blogger today so please ignore the odd indents and extra lines.


  1. Well considering how many you powered through last year, I think you'll have no problem keeping up this year!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all of your quilt pictures. I've scrolled through a few days and love seeing your projects and finishes. Good luck in the coming year.

  3. Still waiting for my book to arrive -- maybe I'll put it on my list for February!

  4. Having a long snowy winter can be a benefit after all since it gives you lots of quilting time. South Dakota winters are similar but add a lot of wind most of the time that moves the snow around. I look forward to being snowed in occasionally so I can spend the day in my sewing room. It was -13 this morning in Sioux Falls when we flew out - and 63 when we landed in Las Vegas.

  5. I think that starting a new countdown was an excellent idea. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish. I started some winter projects today for my seasonal collection.

  6. Great goals. You look super organised with your plans for this year.

  7. I love your goals quote. It fits my mantra as well. I am very goal oriented and yet I know there will be things that throw my plans off. Good luck meeting your goals. I wish you lived closer and you could come take my Machine Quilting Basics and Free Motion Quilting Sampler classes.

  8. I'm sure you will power right through this list too!

  9. Great goals Deb and just keep practicing your FMQ! One of my goals is better feathers, instead of perfect I'm just doing them.....just finished a small quilt. I remember when I first learned to hand quilt, in fact I still have the first piece and you can see how big my stitches were in the beginning and by the end I had it down!

  10. Have a good month. I know you will reach your goals.

  11. Looks like you've got a lot planned! I was going to recommend Christina's book to you - it's excellent and the projects are fun, easy and useful! You'll be doing fabulous FMQ fast with that book!

  12. Wow that is a big list. Good luck with your goals

  13. Great goals! Good luck and Happy Quilting :)

  14. Terrific goals you have there, good luck in soldiering through them.

  15. wonderful goals, good luck and happy quilting - oh wait, Janine said that too!

  16. I'll be hear cheering you on. I am sure you will reach your goal.

  17. Wow, those are great goals for January.

    I'm really impressed with how you whittled down your UFO list last year. Maybe you'd like to tackle my list next?? :)

  18. Good luck with that, you're going to be a very busy lady it seems!

  19. You have done an amazing job knocking down those UFOs!


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