Friday, January 17, 2014

Back on the Job!

My Quilt Inspector in Training is feeling much better and has reported for duty today.
Elsa wants to thank everyone for your well wishes!
Other than trying to figure out why she can no longer climb the furniture or make the fur grow on her shaved belly with intense bathing sessions she is back to her usual pursuits which makes me very happy too.

Recently I took advantage of a Connecting Threads book sale to add to my quilting library and I want to share these 3 great books - all of which I have had ample time to page through while Elsa napped with me the last few days.
"Skip the Borders" and "A Cut Above" are full of beautiful projects and I've already marked a few to move to the top of my Make Someday List. Relatively simple designs that let the fabrics shine are my favorites and both books meet that criteria. I have grown to love borderless quilts and have always enjoyed working with pre cuts so I'm excited to have new inspiration on hand.

"500 Quilt Blocks" was added to my list after I started making Angela's RSC Sampler blocks when I realized that I really haven't been exposed to that many blocks. This book is a perfect reference with easy to follow instructions and lots of great photos.
I especially like how the photos are of actual blocks vs. drawings and how the book is organized showing lots of block variations in a separate section. And, there are enough photos of project ideas to get my creative juices flowing. At first I wasn't a fan of the odd small size but it works really well with how the book is laid out.
It is fascinating to me how you can change things up completely with value placement and fabric choices - it's hard to believe that these are the same block! This book will be next to my favorite reading spot for a long while I think.

Have you added any good quilting books to your library lately?


  1. so glad to see that the little lady is back on the job

  2. That last book looks interesting. I may have to get a copy.

  3. Some great references. Got to make the most of these sales.

  4. No new books for me recently, but I just may have to have a closer look at the no more borders one!
    Good to see Elsa feeling better.

  5. The 500Quilt blocks looks very interesting - thanks for mentioning it!

  6. Thanks for the book review. I checked my local library and they have them.

  7. I am so glad Elsa is home and feeling better. Looks like some great reading there Deb!!

  8. Sounds like Zorro and Elsa should get together and commiserate - he had his "procedure" last week while he was at the vet for an abcess. Sadly his sisters aren't in to the socialization I think he is craving. As in he wants to head bump Midgie but she hisses and runs off. Poor babies all around. Enjoy your fluffie lap warmer and give her a snuggle for me!

  9. That quilt block book looks good but I've already got three - Barbara Brackman, Ginny Beyer and a modern block book (can't remember the title right now) so I'll have to pass on that one. But I did add three more quilt books to my library over Chrsitmas; there'll be a post soon! We were away last weekend and have been out every night since so I haven't had a lot of time for posting!

  10. Oh I've been thinking about getting A Cut Above. Would you recommend it. Is there variety in its patterns do you think?


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