Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Road to Oklahoma

This project is starting to feel like either a 1) clear the decks and sew til it's done or 2) take it slow and enjoy the ride project. And my internal needle just keeps spinning instead of pointing me in one direction vs. the other.

One thing I DO know is that I am loving these blocks. Even though they aren't hard to make, they do force me stay on my toes and keep Mr. Ripper handy because I keep getting the star points going the wrong way. They are also rather precise with lots of matching but the pattern (from the book Open a Can of Worms by Debbie Caffrey) has excellent pressing instructions. Seeing that first star come together was so exciting!

I started with the 2 yellow blocks that were partially constructed and now I'm doing the blues. Sometimes I think UFOs sit for good reason and this project shows one very good one. Look at that drab yellow block - no wonder my piecing excitement died right there! This was early in my picking my own fabrics era as well as gaining confidence in anything scrappy. Such a good reminder of how much I've learned and now I am having fun adding more interesting fabrics to my cut piles.

I've had these Easy Angle rulers for some time but have never used them (the bigger one was still in the wrapper). The pattern calls for them to cut the trapezoid background pieces and the star points from the 2.5" strips... it did take me awhile to get the point of using them but now I'm hooked.

One of my goals in the new year is to use these Project Sheets that Taryn@Pixels to Patchwork shared last year. I love the idea of having one place for notes, ideas and to-dos for a project. I usually keep a small spiral notebook close by to jot things down but then I have to page back and forth. I have a spiffy new aqua polka dot binder I picked up at Walmart to keep them in. A page for each project and a master list to help me stay focused - click on the link to check them out. Thanks again Taryn!

Another first with this UFO is that I'm giving it a post label. Many of my UFOs are only seen a few times on the blog but since this one is in the early stages I think it is worthy. Road to Oklahoma here I come!

My baby turns 18 today... how in the heck did that happen? We will venture out into the Polar Vortex for pizza tonight to celebrate. He already got a nice gift - 2 hour late start following yesterday's state wide school closing mandated by our Governor. You don't mess around with school buses, children and severe sub zero temperatures here in Minnesota!

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  1. I love that clipboard with all of your pattern info clipped onto it. Great idea!

    The one yellow block may look a little drab by itself, but with the other blocks it brightens up. And I am very intrigued by how this block is laid out. A whole different way of building the star. Definitely a secondary design. Very cool.

  2. I really like this too! I'm on a scrappy quilt craze lately and this would be perfect!

  3. I love the blocks! It is going to be great when you get it all done. :)

    Happy Birthday to your grown baby! :)

  4. I can see how that might be a challenge, but it will be beautiful. I love yellows and blues together.

  5. You sound so very organized.

    That block does look challenging but taking it slow and steady works, and so does just concentrating on the part you're working on. Well, at least that's how it is for me!

    Happy 18th birthday to your son. Eighteen is the age of adulthood here in Australia; is it the same there?

  6. this is going ot be a lovely quilt when you get it all together

  7. I look forward to seeing your progress on this quilt. It will be amazing. Thanks for providing that link. It is giving me some good ideas. Also, I love your updated WIP page. Will you start a new page for quilts finished this year?

  8. Great blocks and it really looks like you will be organized this year, I'll have to check that out! Happy birthday to your son and keep warm! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  9. Is 18 yr old son your youngest baby? Mine turns 5 and begins school next month. It's gone too fast for me! But he's certainly ready and excited.

  10. Is 18 yr old son your youngest baby? Mine turns 5 and begins school next month. It's gone too fast for me! But he's certainly ready and excited.


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