Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday:UFO Edition

As my Year of Finish winds down I'm hoping to move a few more UFOs to the DONE! column. First on my list is Christmas Strings for obvious reasons! 120 6.5" blocks are trimmed, sorted into 4 groups mixing up common fabrics and ready to layout. As you can see, I've experimented a bit with different layouts but have decided to use my favorite X layout once again. Can you spy Elsa? She continues to keep me company everywhere I am.
She LOVES to cuddle up in quilts. The other day Elsa and Tucker were doing a double Quilt Supervisor shift. They are acknowledging each other more - I'll call them casual friends for now.
I turned around a bit later to find her napping on a folded up quilt next to Mr. Juki. Tucker is all about fleece to cuddle up in... but Elsa goes for the nearest quilted item. Guess they won't be sleeping together until they can work that out!
I received 2 quilts back from Kathy at Stitch by Stitch last week and cannot wait to get these trimmed and apply the binding. It will be the perfect task to do over the holiday week while enjoying our family time.

Here is a peek at Kathy's beautiful work on Minnesota Hotdish...
and Four Patch & Friends. Aren't they gorgeous - so soft and feminine to add to the feel of these quilts. I'll wait until their finish posts to show you more!
What's Hot:
  • Christmas Strings - hoping for a Friday Finish
  • Binding Minnesota Hotdish
  • Binding Four Patch & Friends
  • Small projects I've been procrastinating on STILL 
  • Elsa time - she insists on lap time and who am I to say no?
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  1. Look at that lovely sunshine in your sewing room! I'm sure both kitties enjoy napping in those warm spots.

    The quilting is so pretty on both quilts and that makes it even more enjoyable when adding the binding. Are you doing 4 small string quilts with the Christmas fabrics?

  2. The quilts are beautiful. I'm sure you'll be glad to get the Christmas blocks done up too. I know when I finished my Christmas quilt it was such a relief. One more UFO off the list.

  3. Love that Christmas strings quilt.

  4. Minnesota Hot Dish is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Your strings are going to look fantastic, just as good as the two ready for binding. Thanks for sharing the cats. Elsa is so cute.

  6. The string quilts have caught my attention. Found several bags of "worms" at the thrift. Will see what gets accomplished. Thanks for your inspiring posts.

  7. I have followed you thru out this year.....the biggest, happiest hug and congrats to you for all you managed to get done. Ending those ufos and getting so many pretty quilts out of them. And these strings are just great.

  8. I enjoy seeing your progress on the string blocks.
    The quilting on your others quilts is lovely!

  9. Lovely WIP. Let me know if you run out of those Christmas scraps and need more. I seem to have a hard time coming up with a scrap plan with those. I think I might be getting my quilting spirit back in check.

  10. It's lovely to see appreciative cats, mine do love a snuggle themselves and I have one who likes to get up next to the machine when I sewing, just to give me a bit of guidance.
    You're cats are lovely.

  11. Love the green on the four patch and friends quilt. What a nice combination of colors.

  12. I absolutely LOVE your vibrantChristmas string quilt. And what a beautiful kitty too!

  13. I find binding the perfect project to have on hand with a houseful of family too....

  14. The quilts you received back look beautiful and I can't wait to see them finished. What a beautiful view out your sewing room, sunshine on snow. The string quilt is going to be magnificent too. Your story of finishing UFOs in 2013 has been somewhat inspiring to me. I have finished three quilts that were tops before this year, I have given away two tops that I no longer wanted to finish into quilts to people who wanted them to finish, and I've also started and finished three quilts this year, and finished a king size quilt top that I'll send out to be quilted in the new year. Pretty happy with this since I work four days a week and have three kids under 10.

  15. Beautiful quilts Deb! I have the Minnesota Hotdish pattern and really want to make that someday :*) Love the quilting designs - don't you just love the way quilting gives a quilt such personality?!?


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