Sunday, December 1, 2013

November in Review

November was another productive month of quilting and I'm going to lead with my most recent, most challenging and my favorite finish of the month - my wall hanging from Kristy@Quiet Play's wonderful "And Sew On" BoM. It transformed from 6 blocks to this over the course of the month and I'm thrilled with the results!
I also moved one UFO to flimsy stage and these are the 3 blocks I finished for "And Sew On" during November.

1. Primary D9P, 2. "A Stitch in Time" Block, 3. "Cut it Out" Block, 4. "I Like Big Stash" Block

It feels funny to put my UFOs last but I also finished 6 UFOs this month. I had fun experimenting with wavy walking foot quilting on the Batik Noodle series and the last 3 are some of my favorite UFO finishes of the year. It was a great month of quilting!

1. Batik Noodle Recipe 1, 2. Batik Noodle Recipe 2, 3. Batik Noodle Recipe 3, 4. Cool Sparkles, 5. Arkansas Crossroads, 6. Scrappy Chevrons

My always challenging monthly goals for November ended up looking like this:

1-UFO#1 Batik Noodle 1-DONE!
2-UFO#2 Batik Noodle 2-DONE!
3-UFO#3 Batik Noodle 3-DONE!
4-UFO#4 Cool Sparkles-DONE!
5-UFO#5 Arkansas Crossing-DONE!
6-UFO#6 Scrappy Chevrons-DONE!
9- Finish And Sew On-DONE!
10-RSC13 Blocks-DONE!
11-Finish 2 WIPs* (finished 1)
12-NewFO Project
*In Progress

I do like to push myself on my goals - I look at them as "In a Perfect World" goals. I have fun trying to reach them and don't beat myself up when I don't. I definitely get more done when I aim big.

With this in mind... I'm going to keep pushing the UFO Finishes through the first 3 weeks of the December. I have 3 Christmas UFOs on my list and 1 Christmas WIP that are high priority finishes. I know it's the busiest month of the year - but it's my last month in my Year of Finish and I'm not going to change what has been working all year (making an ambitious list!). 

1-Finish Christmas Fantasy
2-Finish Christmas Rail Fence
3-Finish Christmas Strings
4-Finish Christmas WIP
5-Finish 4 more UFOs
6-RSC13 blocks
7-NewFO Project

I'm choosing my 2 UFOs for 1 lap quilt Christmas Fantasy (I'm using a UFO for backing) as my December Finish for A Year of Lovely Finishes. It arrived beautiful quilted by Cindy at Tops To Treasures on Friday and I'm looking forward to getting the binding sewn down during football games this month.


  1. You've had a fantastic month! Everything looks great. I especially LOVE your "And Sew On" quilt :D

  2. Wow! Lots of beautiful finishes, nice job!

  3. November was indeed productive and your Christmas Fantasy quilt is gorgeous! You keep inspiring me to plug away on my own UFOs. Even a little progress for me will be good.

  4. Great job! It always feels good to get those goals accomplished.

  5. Wow!!! I can't believe you not only finished the blocks for the BOM, but also completely finished the quilt! Way to go. :D All of your UFO finishes are amazing. I particularly love the Arkansas Crossroads and the Christmas quilt.

  6. What a successful month of sewing and quilting you had! Congratulations. Your list for December looks reasonable for someone who does as much as you do. I love how many UFOs you are finishing at the end of this year!

  7. Wow! November was HUGE for you! Well done on all of your stunning finishes!

    I can't wait to see your finishes in December! Good luck with everything!

  8. Wow! you got a lot done! They're all beautiful and colorful.

  9. Girl! you had a really good month. Way to go! Your sew on quilt is going to look great hanging in your sewing room. I know you will smile every time you look at it.

  10. Wow, you are an inspiration to us all. Beautiful projects! Your "And Sew On" quilt is just beautiful. How fun!

  11. What a month you had! That "And Sew On" hanging is just the sweetest! I'm usually not a fan of wall hangings but that's one I could TOTALLY get behind!

  12. I have to say WOW like everyone else. I always love the variety of quilts you make. And Sew On looks very challenging and is oh so cute.

  13. These all look great! I love the sewing room quilt, I would make on if I didn't have 299 UFOs or so. Don't need any NEW ones yet.

  14. Ooh I love that Christmas trip around the world quilt. Can't wait to see it quilted and bound!

  15. You've got some fantastic looking projects!


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