Monday, December 30, 2013

December in Review

After weighing the respective merits of sewing like crazy trying for another finish or two vs. closing out the month early and getting a head start on planning for the new year I've chosen the latter. Today I'll do my month in review post and tomorrow the year in review.

The best thing about December was having our stray kitten Elsa find us! Here is a cute pic of her figuring out that if she climbed on the presents under the tree she could peek at the counter where Tucker has been eating. Yes, my quilting productivity took a hit but I am LOVING having a cuddly lap kitty so much. Our recent cats have favored the men in the household... so I was overdue and am more than happy to indulge her.
I finished 4 UFOs in December:

1. Bouncing Balls, 2. Primary D9P, 3. Christmas Fantasy, 4. Christmas Rail Fence

And I brought another UFO to flimsy stage - Christmas Strings. Here is a new picture of it hanging over a closet in our walkout hallway which I've found makes an excellent staging area for the next top in the quilting queue. Those IKEA pant hangers are the best!
 My December goals ended up looking like this:

1-UFO#1 Christmas Fantasy-DONE!
2-UFO#2 Christmas Rail Fence-DONE!
3-UFO#3 Christmas Strings*
4-UFO#4 Bouncing Balls-DONE!
5-UFO#5 Primary D9P-DONE!
8-Finish 1 WIP
9- RSC13 Blocks
10-NewFO Project
*In Progress

I'll be posting in early January laying out my goals for the year, the quarter and the month. I'll also be moving my 2013 WIP projects to the UFO Collection and getting my tabs at the top of the blog ready for 2014. In one of the online groups I belong to unfinished WIPs become UFOs on January 1st and you start the new year WIP free. 

As a person who LOVES the start of a new year, month (or even a new week!) these are all fun tasks. A new year holds endless possibilities and new challenges... I am excited to turn the page!


  1. I love the tumbling act of those bouncing octagons!

  2. I agree with you....the new year DOES hold endless possibilities...and challenges! You've done an amazing job this year. My hat is off to you, Deb. I'm wishing you a very happy, healthy & joyful New Year.

  3. I've done the same - move any WIP into my UFO list at the beginning of the year. I'm going to keep plugging away on those UFOs again this year, but have a new project all ready to start too. I'm looking forward to 2014 projects.

  4. Methinks you have your Christmas Card picture for next year. A kitten and a Christmas tree - what could be a happier picture?

    Your Christmas quilts are really beautiful.

  5. Happy New Year to you and Elsa, oh, and the rest of the house too. XX
    Elsa was a lucky little girl to find your home and heart when she did.
    Each time I see her on your blog I show her picture to my hubby and he turns to a pile of mush.
    Your December finishes all look lovely, but I especially like the Strings and the rail fence, their Christmas scrappiness just appeals to me.

  6. What an adorable kitty! You have some great finishes. The scrappy nine-patch is a favorite. Love those scrappy quilts. Hopefully 2014 will be a year of finishes for me! LOL

  7. I can't get enough of Elsa's cuteness! I'm happy for you that she is bonding with you. Your quilts are beautiful! I spent this evening cleaning my sewing space for the new year. My hopes are that I'll have more finishes next year.

  8. For next years goals, you are going to have to allow for Elsa lap time. I don't think she will grow out of it. Some kitties are just that way. They love to cuddle. My Isabella was a cuddler. When I sat down anywhere she was in my lap looking for love. She was also a rescue kitty and I think she just needed the lovin' more than most.
    I am going to go with your plan to move WIP to UFO. I will begin planning my year out. I have laid out a plan the last couple of years and it really helps me get stuff done.
    Now go cuddle Elsa for me. I still miss my Isabella, who we lost in November, but we are probably not going to get another kitty since my son have developed an allergy to cats.

  9. Happy New Year Deb! A fun and productive quilting year to you.

  10. I think you've done very well, despite the interruptions of a cute little kitty! ;-)
    Happy New year!

  11. Your quilts are beautiful; your kitty adorable! Great combination. Happy New Year! I will be looking forward to more quilt and kitty pictures in 2014.

  12. Happy New Year! You had a great finish for 2013. Kitty is so cute.


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