Monday, July 29, 2013

Just Sitting Around

Why is it that Friday night tends to be when health issues flare up? My knee was noticeably sore and by midday Saturday it was making any kind of movement miserable.  Ironically I had just read on someone's blog about their quilting being sidetracked by cellulitis and had commented on my experience with it about 3 years ago. It comes on quick and is so painful... I get it right along my scar line below my knee joint and it looks like I have 2 knee caps with the swelling.

After deciding I could wait until clinic hours today vs. heading to the ER over the weekend I gave up my quilting aspirations and settled in next to this...
and this...
and got busy while listening to an audio book. I inventoried all my needles and hooks on Ravelry, I sorted through the UFO drawer above and picked one up to finish.
This pretty yarn is Sorbet by Trendsetter. I had started making a skinny scarf at some point but I decided to start over with a wider one so I cast on 15 stitches on big needles and used a seed stitch (K1, P1). I love the colors in this yarn and the eyelashes of black and bronze really make it pop!

So while my July Quilting Goals are on hold I'll be working on UFOs of another craft and keeping my knee elevated until I see the Dr. later today. Back to the needles!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! I have had too many nuisance ailments lately, myself, and I know how they can intrude on quilting time!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your health issue. They seem to come in bouts. This time last year I hurt my back and that took care of my sewing for awhile. Enjoy doing what you can and take care.

  3. Ugh! I hope they can help your knee pronto! Yeah - I have that "Fall-Apart Friday" problem - always hits at the end of the clinic day! What's with that? ;D

    Gorgeous scarf, by the way

  4. really pretty yarn - and it is always good to have a plan B. I actually have my left wrist in a brace right now and haven't done any sewing in a few days other than trying to finish a binding. Hope you get better very quickly.

  5. I hope it is better soon. I can relate to knee pain, unfortunately.

  6. Yep, always things flare on Friday. Hope it is better soon.

  7. Yep, that darn pain .. sure gets in the way of the things we like to do.
    Lots of stuff the hands can do while you give that knee a rest -
    Hope you're up and about soon ~


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