Monday, July 22, 2013

Golf, Needles and Hooks

Yesterday was one of those days that wandered down it's own path. My husband enjoys golf and I was keeping him company with my morning coffee when Phil Mickelson started lighting up the British Open. I can't say I'm an avid fan of golf... but I do love watching the improbable happen in ANY sport! So I grabbed my knitting needles, brewed some more coffee and settled in.
I finished up these dishcloths, started rummaging through my bin and found these.
A while back I was wandering the craft aisles at our Wal-mart looking for something and the cute dishcloths caught my eye. I haven't crocheted in years so I added the package of hooks and the Pocket Guide to Crochet to my cart.

Yesterday I started looking through the dishcloth book with one eye on the TV and then I remembered those Craftsy emails I'd been getting all week about sale classes... sure enough there was an intro level class called Crochet Lab on sale for $9.99. Click to purchase!

I set everything aside to watch the last 3 holes of the Open and had both arms raised just like Phil as he sank his putt on 18. Exhilarating!
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Here are my samples of single and double crochet from the Craftsy lessons I watched yesterday afternoon. I do love the format that Craftsy uses... watching made it so easy to pick up those stitches. I felt like I had last crocheted yesterday instead of decades ago! The class finishes off with 2 projects that I need to round up some yarn for... an iPhone/iPod cover and granny squares. I last made granny squares in Junior High so that will be fun!  I'll have to pull out the afghan that my Mom put together for me for a photo session.!!! What can I say to describe this AMAZING site? I had signed up in March but hadn't really taken the time to explore until yesterday. I burned several hours looking at patterns, looking up yarns from my stash and getting completely inspired. I started the multi-color chevron scarf last night using a free Ravelry pattern called "One Skein Chevron Scarf" (I figured I might as well practice my double crochet on something real!).
I'm hoping to get my stash set up by the end of the week (this is drawer 1 of 3) and start a Ravelry "to-do" list.  My user ID is asimplelife so if you are on Ravelry let me know.

So, it was a great Sunday at my house! Do you savor unexpected days like this as much I do?


  1. I really love that dishcloth pattern you used. Each looks great with the yarns used. I like to develop my knitting crocheting skills and feel is doable on dish rags.
    I too had a day that meandered on it's own like yours but on Saturday and organized my beading projects and supplies...ah.... feels so right! Jane

  2. I love those Craftsy classes, too! Have done my best to hold off on further sign-ups.....I am already doing 3 classes!! Your stitching is great....good for you!! Crocheting is much more relaxing (for me) than knitting, although my latest simple projects (free Ravelry patterns, too!!) have gone very well! Hugs, Doreen

  3. I am a fan (and mediocre player) of golf, so I also watched Phil come from behind for the win. Luckily I have a TV in my sewing room, so I sewed like crazy while I watched golf.

    Your yarn stash looks pretty interesting. I got rid of all of my yarn when we moved the last time because I just wasn't using it. My daughter knits, but I've given up on that for now.

  4. That is going to be a beautiful scarf! I love variegated yarn scarves, especially ones that are kind of thin. This one is right up my alley. Sounds like you had a great day with your husband. Craftsy classes are wonderful and easy on the wallet and time.

  5. I am tempted to get out my crochet hooks and join in the fun. What pattern did you use on the knitted dishcloth? It has such a nice texture.

  6. Oh! Ravelry is like Pinterest for me. I could spend hours looking at all the pretty stuff. That is so neat that you found a class to refresh your memory on crocheting. Here is a link to a crochet blog I really like. She is sharing patterns for 4 different dishcloths.

  7. Yes! Yes, i do. I loved hearing about yours; and way to go and get going!! i'm impressed. sounds like a perfect day.


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