Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daylily Season!

I'm such a fan of daylilies. They are available in numerous colors, are low maintenance and I think the clumps of greenery look nice too. The only downside is that the blooms do only last for one day! My daylily display is just getting underway and I'll post more pictures as my late bloomers kick in.

This pretty peach colored version is right outside my quilting room window. I love the ruffled petals and the lime green center.
This is one of my favorites... such a pretty color contrast and the long pointed petals make the blooms huge.
Some soft buttery yellow.
This variety has a nice burgundy ring at the throat.
Hyperion daylilies are a classic variety (introduced in 1925 according to Mr. Google) that are quite tall and the blooms are highly scented. I love the lemon yellow color too!
Daylilies are also my husband's favorite flowers... the only perennial he approves of in our landscape beds around the house because they grow in such nice tidy clumps and don't try to take over. Many of these were planted during our 1st summer here (2002) and they still look great - so he is right!


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