Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I'm overwhelmed with all of the lovely comments about my mug rugs from the April Showers Blog Hop yesterday... talk about making my day my week my month! I am proud of myself for having them completely done with a day to spare and I loved having a reason to play with Julia's pretty stitches.

Now that her walking foot is unwrapped I'm definitely going to be doing some serpentine stitch quilting on my next small project. And that beautiful buttonhole stitch makes me excited to do more machine applique. I could never get that stitch to look nice on my Pfaff and had to make due with a mono thread zig-zag instead.

What's Hot!:
  • Green Birds in the Air blocks for RSC13
  • My UFO for the week is 9 Patch Novelty 
  • FMQ Practice Sessions
  • Strip Stacks blocks 
  • Hat Trick 9 patches
Here is 9 Patch Novelty with the backing fabric I've chosen to jazz it up a bit.

What's Not:
  • Computer! My desktop failed last week and it's replacement is arriving later today. As much as I love my iPhone, iPad and laptop they don't cut it when it comes to lots of typing or photo editing (for me anyway). Not having one for several days confirms that I still need a desktop.  
  • My quilting room is an epic mess
Fun Part: Clear the floor by getting the Strip Stacks and Birds in the Air blocks finished, photographed and put away.
UnFun Part:  Every surface in this room!
That should keep me busy until the Fed Ex truck arrives with my new computer so can I start replying to all of those wonderful comments from yesterday.

Click on Lee's button to be inspired - it's certainly my favorite place to hang out on Wednesdays!
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  1. Your wonderful mug rugs deserve all the attention they are getting. I hope you have your new computer up and running soon. I am really enjoying the glimpse of all your quilty goodness in progress. The strip stack blocks look very interesting. I love new ideas. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  2. Your quilting/crafty room makes me feel like I am not alone in the world. I'm liking the blues with brown, looks like an interesting project.

  3. Those strip stack blocks are really coming out nicely - inspires me to get back into my sewing room this afternoon. I spent a good share of yesterday sewing and it felt so good to accomplish something for a change.

    We are in the 2nd day of a nasty spring blizzard with lots of ice, snow, freezing rain, sleet - you name it. Snowed in and expecting the snow depth to double to tomorrow morning. We can't even drive the 70 miles to see our 2 new grandbabies born early this morning in Sioux Falls! Thank goodness for FaceTime!

  4. Your sewing room looks awesome! I love a sewing room that is obviously being used! Beautiful work!

  5. I see you have subscribed to my method of organization. "No horizontal surface shall remain uncluttered." It has served me well for many a year. LOL Glad you are enjoying your new machine.

  6. I missed your mug rugs yesterday but will definitely go check them out! Lovin this quilt AND the room!! Hope Fed Ex arrives soon!

  7. at least we all know that you are staying super busy!
    I love your room.
    We have that same flooring in our basement room and I've kicked myself several times now for not choosing the basement to be my craft room instead of the 3rd bedroom upstairs here.

  8. LOL!!! Your sewing studio looks a lot like mine right now! Stuff everywhere! I've got to get in there and clean it up.... soon... yes, I really need to do that... maybe after I read a few more blogs... and take a nap....

  9. I can tell you have been busy!!!! Why do we never have enough surfaces in our sewing room? I use the floor a lot.

  10. you have been busy. looks like you need a design wall.

  11. Oh my -- it is a teeny bit out of control, isn't it? LOL

  12. I love the bed piled with stuff! Looks like mine

  13. I need to clean up my space too.....not fun....but so pretty to look at when it is finished. :) Good luck!

  14. Love the action shot! Keeping it real is the best!


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