Monday, April 1, 2013

April Goals

With the snow finally starting to melt outside it's time to kiss those long days of quilting goodbye! It's been wonderful to quilt the winter away... but now it's time for spring cleaning, putting on the walking shoes and getting busy with neglected projects around the house. I must admit, making my April Quilting To-Do List is MUCH more fun than the other ones.

Since my main goal for 2013 is to finish a UFO a week I've picked 4 UFOs for April. My A Lovely Year of Finishes Project will be my Nancy Halverson Table Runner because I want to practice fusible applique on my Juki F600 and my spring table needs a pretty runner. The other 3 will be donated to Project Linus and keep me on track for my goal of donating 50 quilts this year.
1. Nancy Halverson Table Runner, 2. Bright Blue Strings, 3. 9 Patch Novelty, 4. Scrappy HSTs

The April Showers Mug Rug Blog Hop is just around the corner and as soon as my fabric arrives I'll be getting those done ASAP. This should be a really fun Hop because I love mug rugs and I'm sure the creativity will be off the charts!

April's color for Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC13) is green - just the color I was wishing for! And Kristy just posted April's "And Sew On..." block called "Snip it Real Good". Having just dusted off my Ginghers sheers for cutting out my Christmas stockings this block is timely.
I'm going to continue my FMQ mission with the daily practice squares and work up to some QAYG blocks and, hopefully, a real quilt. Stay tuned!

April Quilting To-Do List
1-April Showers Blog Hop Projects
2-UFO#1 Nancy Halverson Table Runner
3-UFO#2 Bright Blue Strings
4-UFO#3 9 Patch Novelty
5-UFO#4 Scrappy HSTs
6-NewFO Project
7-RSC13/And SEW On... Blocks
8-Threadbias QAL
9-FMQ practice sessions, 3 blocks, 1 quilt
10-Strip Wallpaper

Why do I have stripping wallpaper on my list you might wonder? I'm making a big move and upgrading from my combination Quilting Room/Guest Room into a full fledged 100% Quilting Room Studio! Actually I doubt I'll ever call it a Studio... but it sure sounds inspiring!

I'm taking over my daughter's old room and will be removing this adorable kitten border and gingham wallpaper she picked out online the day we made our purchase offer on this house. We went back to my parent's house after signing the paperwork and she was showing me what she wanted in her room 5 minutes later. Oh... my little 5th grade girl who is now 22 and graduating from college next month~!

Keeping in mind that the last time I stripped wallpaper for a new Quilting Room 3.5 years ago I ended up in an ambulance bound for surgery to put the bones below my right knee back together, a week in the hospital, 12 weeks of no weight bearing and months of physical therapy I am not overly excited about this part of the make-over! I WILL be using a super sturdy step ladder this go round and hopefully will get past my new found fear of heights.

I'm linking up to Nothing But UFOs in 2013@A Passion for Applique and Monthly To-Do List@Pig Tales & Quilts.


  1. Yay for your have great goals for the whole year. As for the wallpaper....ugh!!! I never want to do that again, so when we moved everything was painted only. I know your fear of the step stool, so do be careful as you strip. And you will learn to call it a studio, I did.

  2. The project Linus quilts all look very fun ; ) enjoy finishing up.

  3. So glad to hear your making that your studio. Good luck on your finishes and be careful with the wall paper -- don't be fooled by the cuteness of those kitties.

  4. I love all your projects. And your daughter was so lucky to have grown up in such a cheerful room. That is such a cute story about the wallpaper.

  5. You have some bright springy projects selected for April. Those bright colors will get you through all of the days of snow melting ahead. Be careful on that ladder!

  6. Geez, I thought my wallpaper stripping experience was bad - all I did was sweat and get tired, yours was really bad! I hope you have a much easier go of it this time. And where does the time fly? - my little girl is about to enter college and I can't believe we are at this stage in life. Love that scissor block - excellent work.

  7. Can't wait to see the finished runner and take care with stripping the wallpaper!

  8. Be careful taking that wall paper down. It is cute!
    I have my own space but I never call it a studio either.
    Great projects to work on this month. Good idea to pick one to work on each week too.

  9. Forgot to tell you that you can link up to my blog is you would like.

  10. Great goals for April. Best of luck to you!

  11. Ouch - who knew stripping wallpaper was such dangerous business!!

    Good luck with your goals this month - I am pretty sure your donation quilts will be cherished by the recipients.

  12. That is a long list! And one UFO a week! - I wish I could do one a month!
    Rooting for you.

  13. A new sewing studio -- how exciting! Stay safe!

  14. Wow! 50 quilts to donate in a year! Good for you! Good luck on all your projects, especially the wallpaper stripping! And go ahead and call it a studio. I do, now and it makes me fell like an artist!

  15. Good luck on your April list! and thank you so much for linking up and including a shout out for the Monthly To Do List Linky Party. :)

  16. Good luck and lots of fun with your projects. Cute little cats, but sometimes they have to GO! ;-)


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