Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Monday...

Guess what? I think spring has finally arrived in Northern Minnesota!
I'm keeping busy but it's not all quilt related. I wouldn't go so far to say I've been spring cleaning but let's call it spring sorting/organizing - going through drawers, filling up some boxes for donation and re-arranging what's left starting in our main floor living area. We have lived in this house for 11.5 years which is our longest stay anywhere and it desparately needs a top to bottom purge. I've been thinking about doing for at least a year so hopefully all that "planning" will pay off!  LOL

I've been listening to the "Prey" detective series by John Sandford and have really enjoyed sewing along with them. My library's audio collection had a gap where I had to request the books (I'm reading them in order) and I binged on these over the weekend plus one of the Virgil Flowers series on my iPad.

As much as I love the audio books for convenience I can read them SO much faster! Now I'm back on track with the audio versions on my iPhone and ready to tackle wallpaper removal in my new quilting room while Lucas Davenport solves more crimes.
My husband found a young family through school to take the bunk bed that was in this corner and they came to pick it up yesterday. I've got some bins laid out to store the last of our daughter's "treasures" in until she comes home in a few weeks for one last sort through. This will be my design wall - a nice big one so I won't have to resort to crawling around on my design floor anymore.
You can see 2 of my 4 imminent quilting tasks - add the borders to my April Schnibble and assemble these Strip Stacks blocks into a top. Task #3 is my Nancy Halvorsen table runner... I'm letting the applique get to to me and to borrow Nike's phrase I'm going to have to "Just Do It"! Task #4 is to paper piece my April block for "And Sew On...". I'd best get off the computer and get to work.

I'm linking up to Design Wall Monday@Patchwork Times.


  1. So happy for you that Spring is coming! I'm going to check out this author. Have fun with your quilting tasks!!

  2. I am in the mood for some organizing also.

  3. We are finally down to just a few little piles of dirty snow too. Yay!

    I've been reading the Prey series too. Just finished Silent Prey.

  4. love to see that you are taking over that space. I'm loving that blue and brown quilt you are making -- is it a pattern or something you made up? I think this would be great in a rainbow of my scraps and would love to give it a try

  5. Glad to see that green grass peeking through! I haven't read John Sanford. I will have to check him out. I wish someone would get me motivated to do some spring cleaning!
    Have fun

  6. try peter robersons books 'csi Banks' he wrote a bunch and they are all good

  7. Look at you go!
    Just told my 19yo this morning think we need to reduce, donate and garage sale. Also entrusted to her the task of boxing up photos, memorabilia and their accompanying scrapbooking supplies in anticipation of a near future move. Spring is most definitely in the air! 81 degrees here in Colorado today, though we're expecting snow on Wednesday!
    Keep up the great progress!!

  8. Happy Spring! I am jealous of you having a design wall, it is on my "someday" wish list :)

  9. We have lived here for 21 years and have done mini-purges along the way but it's time for a big one -- and we both know it!

    A vertical surface definitely works so much better than the floor! At first I doubted it but it's true!


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