Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seriously Cute Santas

I finished 4 of 5 items on my To Do list from yesterday's post and will be posting about the 3 finished quilts later this week. Here's how my Santa project is looking. Next comes a checkerboard 1" strip of black tone on tone with the background fabric followed by another 1.5" strip of the green holly print. I am so loving this!
This is likely my oldest UFO. I can tell because the blocks were sewn on my old (circa 1984) Elna. I took my 1st quilting class in January of 2002 and bought my Pfaff in March or April that year. I'm also quite certain why this became a UFO - some of my Santa blocks were way short of 6.5"!  I ended up trimming them all to 6.25" yesterday. Granted... I DID upgrade my machine to fix that problem but it's beyond silly to put off deciding what to do next for 10+ years. But, that is so me with that inner perfectionist crazy talk~!

The background fabric is a batik that has teeny gold metallic stars. Not sure why I decided to mix that in with the more traditional fabrics but I really like the result.
The pattern for this project is called Sew Many Santas from a Debbie Mumm book called "Quick Country Christmas Quilts".  Here is their picture.
I need to look for some 1/8" black buttons for the eyes and through my button collection for the hat tassels. I like how they use some jingle bells randomly too. But, the big thing that I am thinking is how much I LOVE the hand quilting! I've never done any... but this might be a good time to give it a try. Suggestions and advice please?

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  1. This is really cute....I have a lot of old Debbie Mumm books and like her stuff!

  2. Oh goodness those are some seriously cute Santas!! Just love it, I think I have that book I may have to go look that one up :)

  3. Your Santas are adorable! I think you would enjoy the hand quilting! I just finished a Santa quilt and I am going to start hand quilting it on December 1, the day I decorate the house and start listening to Christmas music! I will sit in my quilting chair and become very festive!

  4. Those ARE seriously cute! I don't think the trimming hurt them one little bit. How nice to get a UFO finished up so you can enjoy it during this holiday season!

  5. I love hand quilting. It is a ton of practice and you can't get all of your stitches perfect on the first project. Grin--but it is very rewarding.
    Get hand quilting thread, little needles and watch a few videos on how to get the needle movement going.

  6. *swoon*

    It's looking amazing!!

  7. I love the snowmen! They are adorable! How are you going to quilt it?

  8. This is a cute quilt. I love it!

  9. Awww what a cute little quilt. I have thought many times about making a little Santa quilt or incorporating santa's for my tree skirt. You did a really nice job and... you finished a UFO!!! :)


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