Monday, November 5, 2012

Design Floor Monday

These three quilts are ready for trimming and machine binding. My quilting room floor serves as my refolding/checking the back/and just plain giving the quilt a rest spot while I'm machine quilting. After doing the grid along the block seams of the Happy Block quilts last night I decided this morning to add the lines crossing the middle of each block. That's a sure sign of things going smoothly when I'm thinking MORE quilting!  

All three of these will be donated to Project Linus to brighten a child's day. And, I'm getting oh so close to having 10 UFOs done which means I better start my Ten for One Reward List!  


  1. You get so much done in such a short time it makes my head spin! (Makes me green with envy too... lol)

  2. Nice job getting these quilts done to share with others who will really appreciate them!

    I see you are a fairly new blogger - I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. My one-year anniversary is coming up at Christmas, and I never dreamed how many new friends I would make when I started my blog!

  3. Look at all that colour! Beautiful ; )

  4. Such fun colorful quilts. They will really brighten a child's day.

  5. Your time management must be terrific to get so much done! The quilts are beautiful with so much color, and I am certain some little kid will love each one.


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