Wednesday, November 28, 2012

100 Day Hustle Minus 66 Days

Are you a glass half full or half empty person? Part of me says "GREAT Job Deb!!" to having finished 10 of my 20 goals I set in this post on September 24th (or click on the 100 Day Hustle Progress tab above to see more). The other part of me says "You have fallen BEHIND and will never catch up!".   

Before I go any further I have a peek at my purple table runner for the eye candy part of my post. I've made this pattern before and love it. Just 3 blocks, some setting triangles, 2 borders and you have a table runner! And, as the pattern suggests, a great way to use up some leftover blocks. 
I also made 6 of these blocks last night for SunShine Quilters on the HGTV Quilting Forum. Each month a quilter picks a block for a charity quilt of their choice. This block is called Louisiana and can be found on
Getting back to my goals... here is how I see them given 34 days to go (plus factoring in the holidays and real life commitments).

Will get done:
1.  Batik Table Topper (goal #2).  Just needs binding.
2.  "Find A Match" charm quilt (goal #6). I'm waiting for thread that should arrive by the end of the week to quilt it.
3.  Thimbleberries Christmas tree skirt (goal #7). Also waiting on thread.
4.  Make 4 Stockings (goal #9).  I'm estimating 2 days of construction plus one football Sunday to hand sew the bindings.
5.  Debbie Mumm Santas (goal #12).  I'm waiting on fabric for the next border.

That puts me at 15 of 20 goals and would make me say "REALLY GREAT job Deb!!". As for the rest, I'm putting them in order of priority:

1.  Quilt Room Organization (goal #19).  This goal will never be fully complete, as my wants & needs are constantly changing!  But, I have started a list of what I'd like to accomplish by year end and have decided on Thursdays I'll be posting about my quilt room.
2.  Make 1 project from "Happy Holidays to You" by Nancy Halvorson (goal #10). Applique is not my thing but I'm hoping to work this one in. It might be a last minute before Christmas finish.
3.  Assemble "Four Patches and Friends" and send to LAQ (goal #8).
4.  Finish piecing log cabin blocks (goal #11).
5.  Learn to free motion quilt using an online class (goal #20). I'm quite content to let this one go until 2013 as I'm loving the results of my walking foot quilting. Plus Santa might be bringing me something to make learning to FMQ easier...

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday@Freshly Pieced.


  1. I'm an optimist by nature so I guess my glass is always half full. I love your runner. Such pretty fabrics and colours. Keep up the good work, everything is coming along nicely. It's more than what I'm getting done and I'm not complaining. LOLL

  2. Hi Deb, I love the purple table runner, and it is very similary to one I am making out of some orphan blocks I had. In the post I've scheduled for tomorrow, I am linking to your blog to show the similarity. Hope you will stop by and take a peek!

    I am a half-full person. I always seem to have a positive outlook on things. I don't beat myself up too badly when I don't get projects finished quickly; I like to have a lot of projects going at once. Maybe I am a bit ADHD? I never thought so before, but maybe yes when it comes to quilting! Have a great day!

  3. Half full or half empty... Either way, you did more than a 'great job' - you've done fabulously! :)

    The table runner is looking good! It's going to be a beauty when done.

  4. What a great job you have done!!! Congratulations :) I love the purple table runner as well and I think you are doing a great job working toward your goal. Whether you complete this goal in the time you have given yourself, one things is for sure. You are accomplishing more than when you set out to complete this race with yourself and that is fantastic!!! Keep up the good work :)

  5. Wow, you have been busy, I love the purple table runner, what is the pattern?


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