Monday, November 26, 2012

Quilting Sing Along

I would say that most of the time when I'm in my quilting room I savor the quiet, but today has been a day for music. I enjoy listening to Pandora when I'm doing machine quilting, I like the randomness of hearing songs I've not heard for years or hearing a song I barely know and jumping up to see the artist & the title.  Today I started with my R.E.M. station and then switched over to Christmas and heard all the classics... Bing Crosby, Andy Williams and Johnny Mathis. Great stuff to sing along to!

I started with this.
A few hours later and all three are ready for trimming and binding. These are made from This & That patterns.  I used Moda charm packs for two of them and the batik topper was a kit (and my only WIP of the bunch).  I'll post more specifics when they are finished and I find the patterns.
I decided to highlight the HSTs with my quilting on this one using a softly variegated thread that blended well.
On the batik topper I just used my beige Aurifil piecing thread and my favorite grid pattern.
I debated about using a brown thread on the borders but decided to stay with the beige.
I found a spool of Sulky Rayon thread that matched the green fabric for this one. Grid pattern (again!). It seems to work so well for these charm projects, but I suppose I'll get tired of it at some point. Then I'll have to get serious about learning to FMQ, but for now I'm happy just getting things done. Woo Hoo!
Oh, and one more thing...
505 Spray and Fix is simply the BEST!!! No horrid smell, no gucky spray nozzle, no messy over spray and it holds the sandwich together perfectly. I'd read how great it was on other blogs/boards and bought a couple of cans when JoAnn's had their notion wall on 50% off a while back. I'll force myself to finish off my cans of June Tailor and Sullivans by setting up my basting table in the garage but after that it will be 505 ONLY for me.


  1. Great progress! finishes feel fabulous. I knew I had to follow you for inspiration when I read how many UFOs you had.

  2. What wonderful progress you made. I love to have music on when I sew and often find myself singing along. :)

  3. You are making progress at breakneck speed - great going! I never sing along, no matter how catchy the tune... - the neighbors would call 911 thinking I'm being murdered! lol

  4. Finishing things just feels good. You are doing great.

  5. Hey! Three things at once. Way to go :D

  6. My favorite is the one with the pinwheels. Love the sharp points on the triangles and the colors are really pretty!

  7. Oh I love the colors of the HST block, gorgeous!

  8. These are all quite different, but each one looks lovely. Fabulous colour choice.

  9. Wow you are really getting a lot done! Thank you for the spray recommendation. I have never used any for basting, I only pin. Your colors choices on your projects are so nice :)


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