Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Battle of the Bulge

No, I'm not referring to the infamous World War II battle... or my waistline... but THIS.
Quilting Disaster Zone!

I sat down at my machine yesterday thinking that I'd whip my Snow Country tree skirt blocks together and clear off my design floor.  Then, trouble set in.  Quickly.  I pinned, I sewed, I used my seam ripper, I pressed, I resewed, I re-ripped, you get the picture. All I wanted was this.
Yes Please!!!
Confession time... I am picky about my points.  Especially on a project where they stand out like these and on something I'm going to put out every Christmas for the next umpteen years.  On another quilter's project I wouldn't notice them... but on MY projects they light up like a neon sign.  I can't help it.  Sigh.

So I took the time to reset as many seams as I could and pressed them all open.  I even pulled out a can of Magic Sizing which I hardly ever use to tame the really nasty spots.
Getting There...
My inner perfectionist was happy, but it was a bumpy road to the finish line! Maybe I can overcome my issues with points someday, but for now I have to focus on my biggest problem - UFOs.

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  1. I call myself a BS sewer because I look at something and say "close enough". But my sweet mama is trying to teach me to be more precise.

    Your points look great to me!!

  2. Great points! I struggle with things like that too, and then my family says "Very nice" and barely glances at it!

  3. Beautiful piecing and your points matched up perfectly!!! Look forward to seeing the finished tree skirt. =)

  4. Wow! They are the most awesome points I ever did see! Well done on persevering with them, it was worth the time!

  5. You are very precise! Good job. Thank you for stopping at my blog.


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