Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back to Snow Country

In my quilting room that is... not outside.  We ended up getting less than 1" of snow overnight which has already melted and temps are due to be back in the mid 50's tomorrow.  A respite to finish cleaning out my gardens for the next few days!

The blocks for my Snow Country tree skirt are done and laid out on my design floor.  My pics are a little dark but the closeups show the fabrics better.
I Love the Pine Trees!
Closeup of  Pine Trees
A Bit of Red in the Corners
One curious thing about this Thimbleberries pattern.  Instead of listing all of the cutting instructions at the start this book breaks down the cutting & piecing instructions for each block section.  The star fabrics were to be cut and sewn first, small trees second, large trees third and lastly the corner triangles and the middle square.  I noticed as I was cutting for the large trees how little of the background fabric I had left.  I had started with the corner triangles (I don't always like to follow directions in order!) because they were the easiest section.  If I hadn't already cut the middle 8.5" background square I would have run out of fabric had I cut the strips needed for the large trees across the WOF (width of fabric).

Moral of the story is... 1) sometimes you are actually saved by going out of order and 2) if you are working on a UFO from a fabric line that is almost 10 years old read ALL the cutting instructions, plan ahead and cut carefully.   I'm sure I could have improvised a new middle square, but I really didn't want to!


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  2. These fabrics are absolutely divine!!!

  3. Sigh one of these days my quilts might measure up to yours!
    Don't mention the 'snow' word, not my favourite thing! :0D

  4. How does it go around the Christmas tree? Is the center actually supposed to be a hole? Is there a slit somewhere? I love the skirt...I'm working on one of my own w/o a pattern that is about the same shape so that's why I'm interested!

  5. What a pretty skirt this is going to be. I love the trees.


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