Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's Talk UFOs on Halloween

Most of my blog posts have to do with UFOs. I've admitted to having LOTS of them. Several times. But I've yet to disclose fully my problem with UFOs. So here goes. Deep breath. Can you guess my UFO Number?
Once my blocks are sewn together I like to store my flimsies on hangers.  Some hangers have a single top, others hold several. I totally LOVE to piece, if you can't tell! Side note: the Sterilite totes contain my collection of 5" squares. I love the Nickel Quilt books by Pat Speth and all of the patterns spawned by the charm pack craze.
UFOs in Progress... UIPs?
This is the right side of my sewing table. I keep the UFOs that I'm currently working on in these plastic bins and one improvised "bin" from a bottled water container. I must have thought 5 would be a good self imposed limit when I bought these.
Mostly Blocks
This wheeled drawer unit contains a lot of blocks that are waiting to be sewn together. String blocks in the bottom drawer, Happy Blocks in the middle drawer and a mish-mash of blocks in the top drawer. Some are in baggies, some are pinned together in groups of 10 for easy counting and some have notes attached for what needs to be done next when I pick them up.  It fits nicely under my cutting table.
Barely Started UFOs
Next are these wicker drawer units. I have two of them with 3 drawers each which flank my cutting table. This drawer contains what I call my "Barely Started" UFOs.  They are often the result of a swap (the warm 9 patches), a pattern I wanted to try (red, blue & yellow disappearing 9 patches) or a technique that caught my eye (30's mini-hexies). Things I started on a whim I guess without a lot of planning or commitment to and are therefore low priority at the moment.
UFO Command Central
This awesome pantry style closet is in my laundry room. I used to sew in a walk in closet adjacent to the laundry room before moving upstairs into my current room. You can see a bit of the fabrics on the top shelf. Most of these are large pieces for quilt backings. More UFOs in baggies, tote bins and shoe box bins. The large cardboard boxes contain scraps and strings which I use for my string blocks.
Too Many UFOs Mom!!!
Even Tucker has to cover his face for the big reveal! He can't bear to look...


Yes, I have 88 UFOs in my possession.  Happy Halloween!

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday@Freshly Pieced.  So much eye candy...


  1. 88? Holy sleeping cat! That's a bit more than my guess, which was 'about 30'...

    I love the last photo of Tucker! lol

  2. Wow ! Aren't you stressed about all these ? When I work on 3 projects at a time, I'm a little overwhelmed.

    88.. wow ! Good luck finishing all this !!

  3. I thought '50' but then again, that is what I think I have right now - so 88?? Good for you!!! :)

  4. Oh boy, you certainly have your work cut out for you, I don't even want to start counting my UFO's. Good luck in getting all of those done in this life time.

  5. At least you've come clean. AND your UFOs are very nicely displayed on their hangers! Your recent record of finishes shows that there's hope if you keep working at it.

  6. You're doing great if you've come down from 88 to 42!


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