Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Where to Start

Last year I had settled into such a nice blogging rhythm/routine while being UFO focused... here it is already March and I still feel like I'm still winging it in 2014! I'm not complaining - it's just an observation. There are so many things I wanting to do (which is a good thing) and I'll keep playing around with how I structure my time until something clicks.

Let's start with some big news - my Sew Perfect Table has arrived! The last 2 nights my husband has been following our high school basketball teams in their playoffs so tonight is the night to get it assembled. The custom insert for Mr. Juki should arrive next week. Can you see a quilting marathon coming up?
I've been playing catch-up with my blocks for RSC14 and want to share a tip that I read about on Bonnie Hunter's blog awhile back. While I'm loving these specialty rulers I find it hard to stop them from slipping. Bonnie recommended using Nexus tape which has a nubbly texture on the back and it's clear so you can still read the markings. It really helps! I found mine at Wal-Mart next to the Band-Aids.
 I think I have one blue and one pink block to go and then I will be caught up.
I came across this yesterday and I think I'm going to go for it - how I can resist that title? Since I've learned that online challenges are very motivating to me in my quilting life I might as well give it a try with my other goals.
Image from
I've started my list of 40 spots around the house to declutter and am shifting my March focus from the kitchen to our master bedroom because that's where our files are and I need to get our taxes done. Paper is my ultimate nemesis when it comes to organizing so I might as well dive in while I'm coming off my Olympics Organizathon high!

I'm including a gratuitous adorable kitten photo just because. Elsa has the silkiest fur and I think this picture really shows it off. Just look at that plume of a tail! I think she had just concluded her post breakfast bath judging by the ruffles on her side.
Have a great Wednesday everyone~


  1. That's the one thing I love about CC - that beautiful long fluffy tail. Except if she grows to fit it, there's going to be a BIG fluffy cat around here. I'm having trouble settling into a routine, too. How did last year work for you, since clearing out UfOs is my goal for this year?

  2. We have a BIG fluffy cat - long haired like Elsa with the long fluffy tail too. He did grow into his tail and weighs 20 lbs. And that post breakfast grooming is very important to keep them gorgeous. And post lunch, and post nap, etc.

    40 bags in 40 days! A noble challenge. I did purge 2 big black garbage bags of shredded documents and junk from our office a couple of weeks ago. That is better than usual for me though.

    Can't wait to see how that table works out.

  3. I think Elsa would agree with me...that this IS the perfect challenge for you! Have fun! (Good tip...thanks!)

  4. Have fun with your wonderful new table!
    And good luck with the 40 bag challenge. It looks like a great idea.

  5. Wow! Congrats on the new table! There's a fella that says he will make me one when he isn't so busy at work. I'm starting to get impatient! I so want a nice flush surface to sew on. Let us know how it goes. :)

  6. Am off to tape my rulers.......................................hugs.................


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