Saturday, March 1, 2014

February In Review

It's pretty easy to recap February... one finish, lots of organizing and the Olympics. My Valentine's Plus Quilt was my Something New for the month. It is still on my sofa and I'm going to miss it when I finally put it away for next February!
The rest of the month was spent sorting through this...
 to create this!
And turning this...
into this!
Just a taste of my Olympics Organizathon - I touched a whole lot of Something Old!

Looking ahead to March I am having a hard time settling on my goals. Part of me is feeling compelled to work on UFOs all month long. Part of me wants to dig deep into the closets and drawers in the rest of our home. And the rest of me wants to just play and wait for spring to come!

Since I didn't finish Minnesota HotDish for my February A Year of Lovely Finishes goal I'm going to try it again in March. I thought I would get the binding done during the Olympics but once I got into organizing mode I kind of got stuck there.
I completely missed out on sewing with pink for RSC14 so will be sewing with pink and teal/aqua this month to catch up. And I'm so far behind on my Finish-A-Long Q1 goals that it's not worth discussing!

But when I start feeling down I just look into my stash closet or the other spaces I've redone and that makes me feel SO much better. And really, isn't it a good thing to have lots of ideas to choose from with a fresh slate of 31 days filled with possibilities? YES IT IS.

Here is a quick take on goals for March:

1. Finish Minnesota HotDish
2. Finish 3 more UFOs from my Q1 list
3. Catch up on RSC14
4. Make 1 pillow for PillowPop SAL
5. 1 FMQ project
6. The Kitchen (Simplify Room of the Month)

I think that will do for now.


  1. Deb, I am so proud of your accomplisments I could just burst! What an inspiration you are! Well done! You deserve to do as you please in March for such a productive February!

  2. Great month, I would say. Maybe one or two ufos and then throw in some play time next month. don't forget starting something new for Spring can't hurt...evil grin!

  3. A fresh slate of 31 days is right - March always brings that hope of spring with it. The Minnesota Hotdish is one of my favorites from your blog. Must be the colors as well as the design.

  4. Despite having only one finish I think you accomplished a lot. Have a great March.

  5. I hear your National Anthem playing in the background!! I am impressed!!

  6. Nice to see those neat and tidy! Your quilts are so pretty too!

  7. I think the organisation you did is amazing!

  8. Great job on the organizing. You're an inspiration!

  9. Surely Olympians get a break after a tough competition? You have to decided where you're going to put all those Gold Medals.

  10. Organizing might not immediately lend itself to finishes, but it will certainly help your creativity later! Everyone is allowed to have a "less than full steam ahead" month... Maybe even a few!

  11. Organizing always helps me feel better and be more productive. I can see a great month ahead for you... especially with your new table.

  12. The February quilt looks gorgeous against the snow! I like the one you will be working on also. I really like the way you got things organized! Oh how bad I need to do that!

  13. wow, what a transformation! Feel free to come round and organise my entire house! Good luck with your goal, it's a lovely quilt top


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