Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Blast from my Past

My Mom has been doing some Simplifying of her own and recently returned a few things to me. Since I'm still clearing out closets, drawers and bins I thought today would be a good time to share them.

This is my very 1st quilting UFO. I had a red, white & black bedroom as a teen and somehow got the idea that I wanted to make a quilt. At that time my Mom had taught me to sew clothing but quilting was all new.
Let's just say that cutting the logs from tissue paper was extremely tedious... and when they didn't always go together perfectly my enthusiasm left the building! My Mom at some point picked up the blocks and remaining fabrics and put the quilt together. It was on one of the bunk beds our kids slept in at their house for a time.
She was a pioneer as I now see looking at the extra block and the back of the quilt because she used QAYG to get it done. My Mom used to do alterations as a part time job so is a whiz with a sewing machine. And, she is very organized with the left over fabrics all bagged up so I can do a little patching. How fun is that?

I used to do a TON of embroidery when I was young - mostly pre-printed dishtowels and pillowcases. I had totally forgotten about these until I unfolded them.
I can totally see sashing these with 30's prints to make a sweet baby quilt!
And it makes me smile to see that even back then I was kind of anal about planning my projects... note that there are 3 babies with blonde hair, 3 with brown and 3 with black.  I guess I didn't know any redheads back then!

Thanks again Mom for making my day!
Elsa is having a blast exploring every new space and container that gets sorted through. Yesterday she even got Tucker involved after she flung one of her favorite stuffed mice in the midst of the mess. She carries them around the house in her mouth like a dog carries toys. So funny.


  1. I LOVED seeing your older projects. You do have a great mom! And thinking about how you put it together, doesn't it make you grateful for your rotary cutter? Glad your little friends are joining in the fun of simplicity. ;)

    1. I thought your baby blocks looked familiar... Check out this post of mine.

      My grandmother painted those same cute babies, and I made her blocks into a quilt!

  2. the embroidered blocks will make a precious baby quilt. really really cute

  3. That red and black quilt...a classic for sure!

  4. I made a log cabin king size quilt back in the late 90's. I made my patterns out of thick cardboard, and used my rotary cutter. They did pretty good. I can't imagine cutting them any other way. LOL
    The baby blocks are so sweet.

  5. I found it strange the first time my mom "returned" some of my childhood things to me. But, I didn't have such a fun quilt. Otherwise, I might have enjoyed it more.

  6. That was a trip down memory lane. It is so interesting to look back at earlier projects. Good luck to your mother for her sorting and simplifying, too.

  7. Oh I love finding things like that from my childhood!! Those little ebroid. samplers are cute Deb! Andddd I'm glad your mom finished your childhood UFO! :)

  8. Those little embroideries are so sweet! Lucky you to have a quilt you made from back in the day. It still looks good


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