Friday, August 23, 2013

Perfect Summer Day

Yesterday was so gorgeous... about 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and calm. My daughter and I took full advantage and had a wonderful 90 minute tour of our lake and the adjoining lake on our paddle boards. Then she doubled down with a slalom ski session. Summer at it's finest!

Late in the afternoon I finished assembling the horizontal rows for my Christmas UFO and the light was good for photos (minus the sunlit bottom left corner). This quilt will have a light print inner border and the outer border is a large red floral. I'm loving it!
The colors aren't as accurate in this closeup but I wanted to show the detail in these yummy Robyn Pandolph fabrics.
I also took a few pictures of what's blooming in my front garden. The rabbits and/or deer have been eating my Rudbeckia buds but a few have escaped to add some gold accents throughout the garden.
The zinnias are loving these warm sunny days.
As are the pink cosmos and purple cleome.  For some reason my monarda was really sparse this spring so I had to do some "filling" with annuals, I hope it comes back next year.
Last but not least... here is grand cat #2 Jax taking a rest on top of our living room armoire. He and his brother J-Meow are always so busy the first few days here investigating the house top to bottom. I predict lots of cat naps in their future.
I'm hoping for a repeat of yesterday's fun today... hope your Friday is a good one too!


  1. Your quilt is stunning! The pattern is perfect for those gorgeous Robin Pandolph fabrics. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the lovely summer day.

  2. What wonderful fabrics for a Christmas quilt!!! It looks so festive and makes me think joyful thoughts! Enjoy your Friday :*)

  3. That is a great Christmas quilt. I love the fabric of course, and the pattern puts it to its best.

  4. Pretty flowers, pretty quilt, and gorgeous cat. Looks like he is having a perfect summer day too.

  5. Oooo! Your Christmas ufo is striking. Going to be pretty!

  6. Beautiful quilt... beautiful garden... and what a handsome cat!!


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