Saturday, August 31, 2013

Month in Review

August was a fun month of sewing for me. I'm glad I decided mid month to give myself a "vacation" from my goals and do what was making me happy and productive... filling up my new design wall with WIPs/UFOs in the piecing stage. Sometimes you just have to cut yourself some slack and play catch-up later right?

Having this design wall has totally changed my sewing habits. Sewing a stack of blocks to put in a pile next to the machine is nowhere near as exciting as putting those blocks up on the wall and getting immediate gratification! Getting one WIP and 4 UFOs to flimsy stage is the result - a big step closer to the Finish Line for these projects.
1. Design Wall Fully Loaded!, 2. Scrappy Strip Stacks, 3. Arkansas Crossing, 4. Bright Hopes, 5. Scrappy Chevron, 6. Christmas Fantasy

I also finished 2 UFOs in August and passed my halfway point on my UFO Countdown. Once cooler weather arrives I'll be ready for lots of UFO sandwiching, quilting and binding.

1. Charm Quilt #3, 2. Charm Quilt #2

Last but not least, I enjoyed sewing with red very much for RSC13 in August.

1. Red Birds in the Air Blocks, 2. Red Crossroads Blocks

My August goals ended up looking like this:

1-UFO#1 TB Jacobs Ladder*
2-UFO#2 Puppy Baby Quilt*
3-UFO#3 ABC Charm Quilt*
4-UFO#4 Charm Quilt #2-DONE!
5-UFO#5 Charm Quilt #3-DONE!
6-NewFO Project-DONE! (started Modern Maples)
7-And Sew On Blocks
8-RSC13 Blocks-DONE!
9-Finish 2 WIPs*
10-Pound Some Nails

Which means that my September goals are going to look rather familiar:

1-UFO#1 TB Jacobs Ladder
2-UFO#2 Puppy Baby Quilt
3-UFO#3 ABC Charm Quilt
6-NewFO Project
7-And Sew On Blocks
8-RSC13 Blocks
9-Finish 2 WIPs
10-Pound Some Nails

Let the thread fly... it's time to oil up Mr. Juki and sew to the Finish Line in September! With my husband and son back in school I envision many happy afternoons in my quilting room. Not to mention Football Sundays to sew down binding - I guess I'm ready to say good bye to summer and hello to fall after all.

I'm linking up to Nothing But UFOs in 2013@A Passion for Applique and The Year of the Finished Project@Never Too Hot to Stitch.
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  1. You continue to inspire me with all you make and by the creations themselves!

  2. Well look at you go! You do lovely work

  3. Yeah, you made lots of progress this month. I think I am partial to the Christmas floral.....but like them all. Now that you are half way to your finish line, a little variety doesn't hurt! By Christmas we may be saying "touchdown"!

  4. Your productivity is quite impressive, my dear! For all that I am NOT getting done these days, you are doubling! Beautiful, Deb, simply beautiful.

  5. You are so right about the design wall giving instant gratification. Makes me want to remove the orphan blocks from mine and put up some WIP blocks again. Motviation . . .

    Every one of your August quilts turned out great. What a feeling of accomplishment you must have.

  6. I am very impressed with all of your results and I agree about the design board, very helpful for you to see your progress. Keep up the good work!

  7. You continue to inspire me and others. applause, applause, applause!!!

    I couldn't believe the difference when I finally put up a design wall several years ago.

    I'm still working on my blog project - stay tuned. :-)

  8. I just love all your scrappy quilts! They're really neat. And so cool to see the red and green finished. :D

  9. Lovely quilts. I am looking forward to watching all you accomplish in September.

  10. I absolutely love your scrappy quilt! What a great job!

  11. Your list may not be shrinking much, but it looks like you were still plenty productive. Sometimes you just gotta follow that creative spirit where it wants to go. :) I LOVE the red Birds in the Air blocks. So fun!

  12. Wow and I thought I had a UFO addiction! I'll be looking forward to seeing that puppy dog baby quilt finished!

    But a very productive August for you!

  13. Looks like a great month of projects!! Great to see the design wall having a positive impact!

  14. Wonderful progress and I love your quilts! Kathy Aho in MN

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  16. Great progress! Everyone needs a break once in a while, it's reward for doing what we must other days! I love your scrappy quilts, a favorite of mine.


  17. You got so much done! And they look great! Congrats!

  18. August was a "vacation" from goals for me, too! Congrats on all you accomplished last month.

  19. Awesome finishes Deb! Well done! I just put up my post for Nothing but UFOs for September so you can link up this post if you would like to participate again. Congrats on all your finsihes.

  20. You have done so well, and put me to shame! Love the design wall and what has been on it. And I'm a sucker for red and white quilts.

  21. Wow! Ten goals - I can hardly get my 2 done. Those are beautiful flimsys. I really like that stripe stack - may have to make one of those.


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