Monday, March 25, 2013

Pincushions & Paper Piecing

My pincushions for a HGTV Quilting Forum swap are stuffed and ready for pins! I used an easy to follow tutorial found HERE at Very Berry Handmade. The only change I made was to cut my fabric strips 1 1/4" instead of 1" because I wanted them to be bigger, mine finished at 4.5" instead of 3".
I went with 2 versions highlighting different colors from the black fabric which I also used for the backing. It had been awhile since I've used polyfill stuffing - it felt like I stuffed and stuffed and then stuffed some more!

The March block for "And Sew On..." is called Just Spoolin' Around.
While I'm very happy with how the block turned out (minus the corner that I'll be fixing), I'm mostly just relieved to have finished it. Quite frankly, I'm starting to wonder if my paper piecing skills/methods are at the level these blocks require. 
It doesn't help my confidence level much when I realized just now that my January & February blocks are about a 1/2" smaller than my March block. So, I have several things to figure out before I make April's block.
  • Obviously I did something different when I printed my pattern for March.
  • I've read on blogs about using freezer paper for PP and I think I need to find out more about this method. I'm currently using paper from That Patchwork Place made for foundation piecing.
  • There has to be a better way to make sure the fabric stays where it is supposed to be! And, I was taught to leave the paper in until you are done but that makes the tiny sections so bulky to work with. 
If you have any advice or can recommend a good tutorial or book on complex paper piecing please help! I love this pattern but when I start looking at some of the upcoming blocks I have a sinking feeling that I'm not up to the challenge.
At least I can click off 2 March Goals as DONE - yay for that!


  1. Gorgeous pinnies! I love the fabrics you have used - thanks for using my tute, glad you liked it! And I have to tell you that your blocks are just fabulous - especially the spools!

  2. Darling pincushions!

    And the paper piecing blocks are pretty cute as well. Some really tiny sections - wow! I've never used freezer paper for PP. I would think it is too thick to tear away easily. But maybe it will work fine.

  3. Yay for two March goals done! That looks like a daunting task to this relatively new quilter -- I'll be watching your progress with interest!

  4. Love that spool block!!!Paper piecing and I have a love/hate relationship (have for years). Sometimes I kinda forget and try again cuz I see posts like this one!!! And then I remember what drove me CRAZY every time I tried this IMpatience does not combine well with this whole idea!! I will continue to be a fan of yours forever!!!! LOL! Hugs, Doreen

  5. The paper piecing blocks are fabulous!

  6. I think your blocks are great. You can always sash them or set them differently than the pattern. Keep sewing them. I love your fabrics.
    You are so creative I am sure you will figure out a great way to set them.


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