Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back to Christmas?

With yesterday's dose of snowy weather it seemed appropriate to work on a project that:
  • Is my only 2012 UFO 
  • Was on my monthly goal list in January, February AND March
  • Is my March project for A Year of Lovely Finishes
My Christmas stockings 2,3 & 4! Stocking #1 was finished in December and #2 was last seen in February so I'll refresh your memory. Stocking #2 isn't as dark as it appears in these photos and is actually quite pretty.
Back in February I posted HERE about my plan to use the waste triangles from my "Christmas in the Pines" tree skirt for stocking #3.
Yesterday after playing around with them I was able to create the body for stocking #3 AND stocking #4! I pieced the red HSTs to add to the greens for stocking #3 and was able to make stocking #4 completely from leftovers. Bonus!  

A tip for matching up lots of points - press your seams open and baste them first. Stocking #4 got a bit hairy but I consoled myself that it was basically "free" due to the waste triangles and kept at it.
Finally ALL of my decisions are made about these stockings... I've pulled fabrics for the cuffs and the binding/ties for each one and I'm really happy with the mix. Each stocking will have a different binding/tie color - red, cream, green & gold. 2 green and 2 red cuffs since those are my favorite Christmas colors. 
I also like the variation in color value between the four... can you tell I've auditioned fabrics for these repeatedly? In fact, of the 7 fabrics I planned to use in February (below) I only used 3. Oh and I didn't end up trying the Wondercut Ruler either.

Sometimes I have a really hard time making decisions... now that I have a plan it's all easy sewing from here. Just putting away the pile of fabrics cluttering my quilt room (and probably my mind!) will feel great.


  1. Such beautiful stocking and that is one FAB tree skirt. I think I should be sewing Christmas because it won't stop snowing here.... lovely work!I just have to say that sometimes I find that I overthink my projects and have learned over the years that go with my gut and don't look back!!

  2. I really like the tree skirt, great job! I have some Christmas stockings and a tree skirt on my quilting bucket list and I find yours inspiring ;)

  3. Beautiful projects and you'll be ready for Christmas in no time at all! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. I've been reading your blog for a while and have enjoyed watching you make lists and then work your way through them. You do beautiful work. :o)

    I just wondered if the pinwheel at the top right of stocking 3 is facing the wrong way? All the others on the right side have the cream triangle at the top left of that pinwheel but that one has the cream triangle on the right side.

    I hope that doesn't come over as cheeky! I certainly don't mean it to come over that way! Eeeek!

  5. Fine fabrics and you sure will be ready with your work before Christmas!

  6. Lovely! you'll certainly be ready when the season descends upon the rest of us -- all too quickly!


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