Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Progress!

Piecing Station:
I've finished the last 20 blocks for Picnic in Serenade and am ready to sew the rows together for the bottom 2 Sunny Lanes blocks which I'm using as leader/enders. I've given Picnic in Serenade the Value Treatment and will leave it on my wall while I'm busy quilting for the rest of the week to contemplate any changes.
While I love this fabric line it has taught me a good lesson. In this 40 strip jelly roll there are only 19 unique fabrics which means that 2 fabrics are tripled and the rest are doubled. Which adds up to make this particular line not ideal for this particular pattern - it's still a pretty top but I would prefer more variety. Lesson learned: check the repeats and THEN choose a pattern.

Oh - and orange might be more of an "attention hogging" color than yellow!

Sandwich Shop:
Quilting Station:
I decided to use the back side of my whiteboard easel to try out a Kanban board inspired by THIS post from last years Finish Along at The Littlest Thistle. I printed out my active projects onto some 3" Post It Notes I had handy - orange represents 2015 WIPs, aqua is for UFO Donation quilts and purple means UFO Keepers. A very quick project to set up and it has a nice little payoff when I get to move a square.

Just another way to try and keep things moving! I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday@Freshly Pieced.


  1. Very cool way of organizing your current projects. My boyfriend uses Kanban for his work and loves it!

  2. your board is pretty cool! it must feel so good to move squares around on it. goodness, you have a lot of projects going!

    i know exactly what you mean about checking the repeats in a jelly roll before selecting a pattern. same thing happened to me recently. i've found it helpful to just add in a few coordinating bits from my stash adn maybe pull a few pieces i didn't like as much from the precuts. this adds variety and gives it a little less of a pre-packaged look when the quilt is finished. i do love precuts, but i like the look even better when i mix in a few other fabrics. your value test looks pretty darn good!
    happy sewing this week.

  3. I had a similar discovery with the last jelly roll quilt I made - not enough unique fabrics. It sure made for a more difficult layout while avoiding fabrics too close together. The printed color-coded sticky notes - very clever! I used to do that when I was still in the classroom and had forgotten all about that strategy for tracking things. Thanks for the reminder! I may be doing that for my work "to do" list in the near future.

  4. Love the wip on your design wall - and I *love* the orange!!! Having lots of things on the go is a great way to keep things interesting and your way of tracking progress looks great.

  5. Your quilt looks amazing and I love the one next to it on your design wall too :)

  6. You are definitely on a roll! I LOVE the organization!!!

  7. I always love your organization ideas and your progress. :)

  8. Your quilts look wonderful dear Deb!
    Perfect organization!

  9. Thanks for all the tips in this post! They will be very helpful in the future. (And thanks for the photos of Elsa in the last post. She's such a cutie.)


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