Sunday, March 15, 2015

Can't Stop Knitting

I've seriously fallen into a rabbit hole filled with yarn this week. After Monday's post I was browsing Ravelry and noticed that my Infinity Scarf is going to be more like an Infinity Cowl due to my (forgotten) tendency to knit tightly. That sent me off into the internet to read about blocking techniques (many!) which led me to Craftsy. A while back I had added some knitting classes to my wishlist and I decided to start with the basics: Knit Lab by Stephanie Japel since it was on sale.
This is my 1st project from her class which is knit in 2 sections and then woven together to make a cute keyhole scarf. The yarn color in real life is more plum than violet but my camera isn't seeing it so this will do. I'm getting ready to put it together and learn how to block the lace section.
But in the meantime I went ahead and started the 2nd project which alternates 3 simple patterns to make a long scarf. I've had a couple skeins of this yarn forever - I think I used it to teach Megan how to knit way back when - and thought the soft colors would be shown off nicely in this project. I went up 2 needle sizes from the suggested on the pattern to achieve the correct guage and I've decided to start my Infinity Scarf over and try the same. I like how easy it is to unravel yarn for a redo!
It has been many years since I was taught to knit and it has been reassuring to see that I'm doing a lot of things right and can easily improve on the other things. I am really enjoying this class and went ahead and bought another on sale Craftsy class by Stephanie about knitting with circular needles. I would like to "graduate" to some advanced projects and techniques as I find knitting to be relaxing in a different way from sewing.

Elsa enjoys our knitting time too... she likes to claim the recliner part of the chair after her active supervision is completed.

These beauties from my Mother In Law arrived yesterday and truly made my day. The deer devour tulips where we live so this is the only way to enjoy them. Don't they just shout "SPRING!!!"?


  1. Your post is sorely tempting me to get into knitting! I would love to knit my own socks and gloves and scarves...but...just the thought of a knitting 'stash' makes my bank account cringe!

  2. I have started that knitting class SO many times! My stitching just looks awful...very inconsistent. I really want to learn how to knit so thanks for the inspiration! Your work looks great! And those tulips are spectacular!

  3. I need to get back to knitting too. I enjoy it, I just don't seem to have the time for it. Your tulips are spectacular indeed!

  4. Active supervisIon! I like that onE. LOL
    your scarf is looking lovely, what pretty yarn.

  5. Very nice knitting projectts. I really am impressed with that softer color variation pattern. What is the name of that one and also the pattern you worked on a previous post where it had one fussy row and then 7 easy rows. Appreciate your taking the time to respond. Jane


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