Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Archives: Cats & Charity Quilts

Val's Quilting Studio

This is one week that I couldn't resist linking up over at Val's as I love cat novelty prints and I also love making kid's quilts for Project Linus. After browsing my finished quilts pages I counted up 7 of them which was more than I could remember so thank goodness for blogging! If you click on the quilt name it will take you to the finish post for more information about each quilt.

First up is Bees & Cats:
 Citrus Cats:
 Ballerina Cats:
 Cats in Dressy Hats:
 Cats on Skis:
 Garden Cats:
Garden Cats was a favorite of my husbands who thought I should keep it when I finished it in winter 2013. So I put in my quilt closet and now it has found the perfect owner.
It serves as a play spot with Elsa's favorite mice toys (there is a 2nd one hidden under her paw) as well as a cozy place for a solo nap on the love seat across from us at night. She carries these mice all over the house and "buries" them. I recently had to replace my washing machine and we had quite a laugh when the servicemen picked up the old one. There were about a dozen cat toys including lots of mice mired in dust balls under there!

Our grand cat JMeow is also a fan of these mice so I don't think Elsa can take credit for hiding them all. But she sure was happy to see them.


  1. All the quilts are wonderful.....but the cat tale/tail is just perfect! I love it.

  2. I seriously couldn't imagine you and Elsa missing this linky!!! LOL!! Cute post!!!

    1. I had to return to show my daughter all your fun cat quilts!! They each have such fun personality!!

  3. I got a good laugh about the cat toys hiding under things. When we moved 8 years ago we found 6 maroon stress balls under various pieces of furniture. These were corporate logo toys my husband carried in his computer bag to give away to clients at trade shows - and all stolen by a clever kitty from said bag. We thought he only had 2 of them. Surprise!

    We also found dozens of pens and pencils that he had pushed under things and lost as well. They are such funny critters aren't they?

  4. Just noticed that you cleverly left large pieces of those cat fabrics in each quilt so that the fun design was clearly visible. I'm sure these quilts are all being loved by someone somewhere.

  5. Cute! I really like citrus cats

  6. It was so much fun to see them all together. I love the simple patterns in these quilts that let the fun fabric show.

  7. I've just found Project Linus which I'm really pleased about as it means I can make more quilts for a good cause - people that need the quilts and my creative side being fulfilled. Someone donated several sheets to me yesterday which was very kind of them so I'm itching to finish my first quilt for Project Linus. Do you use all cottons or do you use poly-cotton too? Happy stitching.

  8. So Happy to see all your wonderful quilts. You are one busy quilter!!! I am so happy to be able to link over to your site from Val's Archives and look forward to see more posts in the future!


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