Saturday, May 31, 2014

#quiltystitches Blocks 9 & 10

Here it is the end of May and what a month it was! Graduation, Mother's Day, Half Marathon and lots of family time held my focus in May. I'm thinking I will have to do a post and share some pics of my family soon... I kind of hold back at that but I do understand the enjoyment of getting know the blogger behind the quilts.  

In the meantime I can share the last 2 blocks of Little Miss Shabby's Quilty Stitches cross stitch sampler. I did the pinwheel block yesterday while avoiding the midday heat & sun.
Our weather pattern dramatically shifted overnight to a cool and rainy forecast through Monday so this morning I finished up the Petals block while drinking my coffee. I MUST make a Petal quilt!
I'm hoping to catch a track meet weather permitting early afternoon and then I will be hustling to finish up my May Schnibble X Rated for a post tonight.

Here are the kitties the morning after our son's graduation party... I think I could have easily curled up next to them! Tucker was quite the social one joining in the fun but poor Elsa spent most of the day hiding in our lower level or under the bed.
Here's to (I'll say it again) more quilting in June!


  1. Poor tired kitties! Mine is sacked out in a rocking chair today but I think he was extra tired due to the thunderstorm we had last night. It makes him nervous.

    I think those last 2 cross stitch blocks are the cutest so far!

  2. I think the petal block is my favorite. I can see why you want to make a quilt like that.

  3. Oh your cross stitch is just gorgeous! I did FIND mine the other day ; )

  4. As she gets bigger, your Elsa looks a lot like my cat, Allie. Allie is stand-offish with strangers, too. Visitors would never know we had a cat but she is sweet with us (most of the time). Your x-stitch blocks look great!

  5. Your cross stitch is so beautiful. The kitties look very happy right now.

  6. Love how your stitchy sampler is coming along! Just beautiful. Look how big Elsa is getting! She's catching up to Tucker. What sweet kitties.

  7. I like the cross stitch too! Its coming along nicely. :)


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