Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stitching and Knitting

Where has April gone? I can't wrap my mind around the fact that it will be May in a few days! The ice has gone out on our lake despite 2 afternoons of snow mixed with rain showers this week. One gorgeous 70 degree day on Easter really helped speed the disappearing act along I guess.

On Wednesday night I got caught up with my DVR while stitching Block #7 for Quilty Stitches - Lone Star of Paradise. The model block was worked in 3 colors but since I couldn't decide which color to add to my plan of using red & aqua in each block I went with a patchwork of colors.
Now I'm kind of second guessing myself as it looks a bit too much like the Friendship Star block next to it but I think as more blocks are added I can balance it out. Elsa liked it just as it is so I could put it down and give her some attention! Yes that is her shadow on the pic above.
While decluttering our closet I came across a couple skeins of yarn that I bought on a trip 2 summers ago in Asheville, NC and decided to knit them up. The 1st one is made from Katia Triana yarn.

As I was working on it I kept thinking how these colors reminded me of my Mom so I gave to her yesterday when she and 3 friends came over to see my quilting room. It just so happened she was wearing a green shirt for a perfect match. She sent me a text last night and said that while they were shopping after their lunch she received compliments from 3 people. It really did look great on her!
I'm about 85% done with the next one which I'll keep for myself. I think when I bought this yarn it was a little out of my normal colors but they are right up my alley now. This is Flounce by Knitting Fever. It is a little pickier to work with as you basically create your own stitches in the mesh but now that I've accepted that "roughly an inch apart" doesn't need to be measured with each stitch I'm liking it much better.
Once it is done I'm going to bake some bars for a benefit tonight, go for a walk and get busy in my quilting room. After showing off yesterday I'm ready to fire up Mr. Juki! Progress to be shared tomorrow...


  1. Such pretty scarves! How nice that your Mum is still with you too.

  2. Pretty scarves. I've made a couple of these too but mine were crocheted. Amazing how both knitted and crocheted ones look the same.

  3. Isn't it lovely to have completed two lovely projects in such a short space of time, the second scarf is so pretty.

  4. Great to see you back! I've missed your blogs - yours was my first to follow. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. your cross stitch blocks are looking good. nice looking scarfs too.

  6. Your knitting is beautiful. I love the cross stitch, too. It looks fine next to the star block. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  7. Serious...I was just asking myself where April went. Love to see what you are working on...looking forward to your quilty projects. :)

  8. I must say I love your cross stitch. It packs a colourful and happy punch. 'Tis perfect!! The scarves are gorgeous....I particularly love your mums scarf, love those colours together!! Doesn't Elsa look very important sitting there....I'm guessing she's the queen of your castle!!

  9. I love your stitching and those scarves are fab. How lovely that your Mum received all those compliments! Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)


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