Monday, April 28, 2014

MIssing Spring

Several days of wind, rain and dark skies are really wearing on me. When I ran an errand at noon today it was 38 degrees out. So of course I am seeking out bright colors to enhance my mood.
Instead of working on UFOs like I should be I am indulging in some crumb block play while listening to an audio book and watching Elsa leap from window to window entertained by the poor birds trying to stay warm and/or dry.
My husband put out the bird feeders yesterday and they have been claimed much to Elsa's delight! She also has a large rabbit to keep an eye on that we think has moved in under our front porch so she spends a lot of time on various window sills.
This has become a common sight over the last few weeks. Tucker tolerates Elsa on "his" space as long she is actually wanting to sleep. Fortunately he had a reprieve this morning when Elsa realized that my newest yarn project was gone from the high shelf. She is slightly obsessed with yarn!
I am in love with this yard (Tweed Stripes by Lion Brand) and am enjoying my first crochet project in a long while. This will be a long scarf and I think this simple double crochet pattern from inside the wrapper shows the colors off so well. It's a fun and quick project.
Last night we were watching a movie and Elsa totally crashed next to me. As soon as the quilt comes out she is usually ready for a nice snuggle - especially after dark when the windows lose their view. Since it looks like we are stuck in this weather pattern through at least Friday there will be lots of indoor time this week.
At least one member of the family isn't complaining!


  1. Thank goodness for cuddly kitties and bright colored fabric and yarn - otherwise these dark grey days would be more than we could bear. We've had dark and grey and extremely windy, but no rain in our area. The rain goes all around us and we need some badly. Sunshine would be very welcome too.

  2. UGH! We've dipped back into the 30's during the night and spring is slow coming here too. Hang in there! Hey stop by tomorrow as tomorrow's linky theme is BOYS and BOM. V:) I thought of you and Elsa as I posted May's linky May 6th theme is CATS!!!

  3. I know what you mean! A few days of warm weather and sunshine and we think that spring is actually here. Only to have that April showers cliche dampen the party! Your blocks are certainly happy though!

  4. Deb, so good to pause this morning and see what you're up to. Enjoyed the post about your Mom. So sweet. And chuckled over Tucker and Elsa. Our Tucker has been sharing his bird watching vantage point with Rio, our little Rat Terrier. Cold snap here as well. Tortuous after unusually warm 70s and even an 80 degree day.

    Thinking of you as we prepare graduation activities for end of Msy. Have a blast!

  5. Love your cheerful blocks. I try not to mind this erratic weather. I'm thankful my house is still on it's foundation and feel so sorry and pray for those in the tornado areas.

  6. I love seeing pictures of Elsa. She's grown so much since December. What a cutie. And isn't Tucker a good sport to be tolerating little sister more?

  7. What cheerful pictures to ward off a gloomy day! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Not hard to smile with a kitten around.
    Lovely colours in the yarn.

  9. Lucky for Elsa you have wide windowsills!!
    And luckily for Tucker she does sometimes take naps. LOL!

  10. I have enjoyed your Elsa stories so much! Please keep them coming. She is a spitting image of my Katy Belle that passed at 18 years. So much fun watching her grow up.


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