Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Good Reads & a Bird

I missed linking up to The Bibliophile Files@sarah did it! last month so today I'm playing catch-up. I'm staying ahead of my 2015 Reading Challenge goal but I've had some real clunkers lately including 2 that I had to give up on. And a few that I probably should have but kept reading to see if they got better.
I do have three solid 4 star reads to recommend:
  • Inside the O'Briens by Lisa Genova - After falling in love with Still Alice Genova is a must read author for me and her fourth novel didn't disappoint. This book about a family dealing with Huntington's Disease kept me reading all afternoon yesterday.
  • True to Form by Elizabeth Berg - Berg is another favorite author of mine and I loved this 3rd take at one of my favorite Berg characters - Katie Nash from Durable Goods and Joy School.
  • Indiscretion by Charles Dubow - I really felt the characters in this book and couldn't put it down. It is rare to feel empathy for all sides of a love triangle but I did here. I will be checking out more of Dubow's books as I enjoyed his insightful yet concise writing style.
Each spring we have a Mama Robin who builds a nest near our front door. She and her mate start building above our spot lights and every night Tom dismantles their work because it's not a stable place (and we don't want birds pooping on our comings and goings!). Usually they move into the large shrub below as Plan B. Something is a bit off with her this year though and she is driving Miss Elsa crazy...
She keeps bumping at this window and hopping around on the roof over our covered entryway. Can you see all the bird poop along the edge? And the window is just splattered with I have no idea what. So Elsa hears all the racket and charges to the window to see what is going on.
And then to the adjacent window... back and forth. The Mama Robin is in the tree but I couldn't got a good pic. This started on Monday and poor Elsa is exhausted as her nap time is being constantly interrupted.
"Mama... what is HAPPENING???? Make it STOP!" So not only do I have a frantic bird but a crazed cat on my hands! I'm hoping Plan B is settled on today as I'm starting to worry about poor Mama Robin.


  1. My boys love Elsa! Hopefully she calms soon.

  2. Poor Elsa! Sammy has gotten kind of bored with the birds as he gets older. He looks but doesn't seem to be excited by them like he used to. Other cats in the yard? That still gets him frantic.

    We've had birds building nests on our front porch light in the past but not this year. And we've had nests on both deck lights some years. Luckily the bird "arguments" over the deck light spaces seems to have kept anyone from actually building. And they would be really crazy today because there is a crew working in the rain to tear our deck off.

  3. This happened at our livingroom window this week too! There was a robin sitting on the window ledge trying to get in! Kept flying into it. I finally went outside and scared it off. WEIRD!

  4. This happened at our livingroom window this week too! There was a robin sitting on the window ledge trying to get in! Kept flying into it. I finally went outside and scared it off. WEIRD!

  5. Thanks for the book recommendations. Our book group is always in need of suggestions, so I will be checking these out. Poor kitty, I feel for her!

  6. Try taping a half dozen pieces of ribbon to the window and maybe use thumb tacks to hang a few pieces above and around the spot lights if possible. We did that and it worked like a charm but obviously not all birds think alike. lol

  7. Thanks you for the book recommendations. I'm always looking for new titles. Hope the bird and the cat can settle down soon.

  8. That's too bad you had to stop reading books and should have stopped others. I am a little ticked that my last book ended in a tv-worthy cliffhangar with no due date for the next book in the series. grrrr... Poor little Elsa!! I hope Ms Robin makes up her mind soon for all concerned.

  9. i am sure that bird is driving your kitty crazy. I just checked one of our other blue bird houses that chickadees invaded. One of the 4 babies hatched. So tiny.

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