Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hello Quilting Room!

I was going to do a WIP Wednesday post yesterday but didn't get my act together so I'll try again today with more of a PIP post - Plans In Progress - starting with my design wall.
Someone in the house has decided that this wall is great fun to jump up on. A furry little someone who looks rather angelic at the moment...
Elsa has had a big day so far. There were two rabbits dining on grass near our family room windows for about an hour this morning and she was going crazy hopping from window to futon to chair to the other window watching. Then my cleaning friend arrived and Elsa likes to supervise her work (except when the vacuum is running). She is so crashed that she gave a little "mewp" when she heard the camera click but that was it.
My cutting table is a big old mess and is item #1 on my To-Do List once this post is published. You can see the missing strips for Picnic in Serenade which will go back on the design wall and then I will get those strips assembled into a flimsy (item #2). 

I've pulled out the baggie containing my Faded Memories 4 patches and will be putting them up on the design wall to play around with layouts (item #3). I had forgotten the cute woven fabrics paired up with the regular cotton charms. Aren't they fun? I'm such a fan of 3 Sisters fabric lines.
Purple is the color for RSC15 in April so I'll pulled my purple scraps to make my bowtie blocks (item #4). Lots of busy prints here so I might need to cut into a few FQs this month. And, since I didn't get to my yellows in March I'll be doing those as well.

Somewhere along the line I read/heard about having books spiral bound for ease of use and I finally did it. And wow how I love it! I took these books to Office Max last week and paid just $4.29 a book... let's just say I've already started a stack of my most used quilt books for my next trip. The "Art Doodle Love" book was a birthday gift to myself but the binding was so tight I couldn't open it all the way to write in. They also add a clear protective sheet to protect the cover which you can't see in my picture and you can choose between white, black or clear for the coil. 

If you look back to the pic of my cutting table above you can see the acrylic recipe holder I use to hold my book for my current project open. It works fine, but if I leave it in there too long the book ends up getting bent out of shape. I'm one to forget the measurements or get a block sub unit flipped the wrong way so I'm constantly checking my books. Sometimes the simple things make me very happy!


  1. Ha, I lost my design wall to the fluffy tailed one over a year ago now. Naughty girls! Everything is looking good, though! I love the Serenade blocks.

  2. I want that purple floral fabric!!!!! lol.....I also need to get some of my books spiral bound....I have been very lazy about it. Faded memories blocks are have tons of projects to work on. Sew on.

  3. Spiral bindings are great, especially for books with machine quilting designs! I was just thinking that I needed to do that to more of my quilting books.

  4. It never occurred to me that I could get a book spiral bound. How clever! Elsa does look worn out. No sewing at all for me today. I went out and played golf with the hubbie after work. The fresh air did me good.

  5. I just love your quilt, (Picnics in Serenade?)
    Give Else a little head scratch for me, will you?

  6. Your blog is lovely. I just love your busy design wall. It's like mine. Loaded with projects.


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