Friday, October 3, 2014

Coffee Cozies on a Blustery Day

Happy October everyone!

Normally I would be doing a Month in Review/Goal Setting post about now but I seem to be at least another month away from such a feat. I just can't figure out 1) where the time is going and 2) why it is so hard to get into a sewing habit again. Since I'm going to be gone for 12 days visiting the kids this month I'm not even going to bother with goals. Hmmph! But a big YEAH! to seeing my kids and getting to stay with family & a college roommate I haven't seen in years along the way.
I am actually doing some sewing today because our forecast is for a high of 40 degrees with wind, rain and maybe a little snow. Ugh to that, but a good reason for a sew day. I had seen these adorable coffee cozies on several blogs a while ago and thought they would be perfect for my daughter and her fiance. The apartment complex they live in has a free Starbucks machine in the lobby which is quite the yummy perk!
Image from The Fat Quarter Shop
So I downloaded the free pattern and watched the video HERE before ordering some new mini charm packs. Because we all know there is nothing more motivating than sewing with new fabrics right? Even though we have a few plenty on hand.
I had planned to use Elementary but when I flipped through the stack of Figures it won me over. It's a different color palette for me and I am loving the coral fabrics especially. So much so I decided I need one for myself too with some of the leftover charms.

I'll have another post before I head east on Sunday to show you the finished cozies. I can't tell you how much I am going to miss this furry girl while I'm on the road.

Elsa was watching over my extra papers this morning while I was drinking my coffee and making lists for the trip. Doesn't she have a look of reproach on her face? Or maybe it's just my guilty conscience.


  1. We have missed you, but understand. the cozies will make a perfect gift and easy to pack for your travels. Come back refreshed....till then. Happy travels.

  2. Those kitties always seem to know that packing means we are leaving for awhile. Our Sammy used to climb into out suitcases or duffle bags and just give us that annoyed look.

    Enjoy the trip east. Have fun with the friends and your children and no guilt allowed about not sewing. It will still be there waiting for you - later when it's really, really cold outside.

  3. I can't believe how big Elsa is. Have fun with the cosies, but especially with your family.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful trip and come back to sew all refreshed! Sometimes a little change of pace can re-rev up your mojo. The cosies are sweet!

  5. Have a great time with family. We will be travelling too at Thanksgiving to see family. Happy sewing!

  6. I was just thinking of you today and glad to see youre busy visiting family! Don't worry about your sewing rut...we all get in one...winter will probably find you sewing again. Enjoy your visits!

  7. Rosemary B here:
    I agree with Val. There are other things in life. Sometimes it is best not to look so much what we are not doing and instead see what we are doing-- which is really a lot.
    Right now, I am taking care of mom and dad every day. Not all day but few hours every day some attention and help. they need it.
    I love sewing but I just have to not be disappointed if the factory is running a little slower on the homefront. Enjoy your kids

  8. Rosemary again, oh and Elsa is such a cute pooskins


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