Thursday, June 5, 2014

Really Random Thursday

I haven't done a random post in forever so here goes...

Remember the awesome Sochi flags & clothing? The latest Keepsake Quilting catalog has a wonderful rendition. Swoon.
This email caught my attention yesterday.
That IS a WHOA! in my book. I guess you could say I've been walking my way to my dream girl since March 1...
I've had this catalog cover saved for a few years now. Love the outfit and of course her super fit body - and I can sub in my paddle board and all is good. Not that my tummy will ever see the light of day again but that's what dreams are all about right?

This is Elsa's least comfortable looking napping pic ever. Makes my neck hurt.
Yesterday I did something that I've been thinking over for almost a year. I ventured into the world of tattoos!

Tattooed eyeliner to be specific in case you can't tell from my 1st selfie. I was a mix of excited and nervous when I arrived but the woman who did it set me at ease right away with her 7 years of credentials and her upbeat personality. We had a wonderful conversation while she did her thing. To sum it up it was much more enjoyable than going to the dentist (I have a major dental phobia) and I rated my discomfort on a scale of 1 to 10 as a 3. My left eyelid had one sensitive spot but the right eye was a breeze.

It is super dark right now but will lighten up as the skin heals and the pigment is fully absorbed. I chose a thin line of black along the lash line followed by cocoa brown for a soft edge. This morning my eyelids are a little puffy but that should only last a few days. I think I am going to love it!


  1. So now you wake up looking like a blonde bombshell! Maybe I should try that. (Except I'm a redhead) lol

  2. Rosemary B here:
    I want that fabric.... NOW
    Good for you walking your "butt" off. My daughter has one of those thingys.
    I am hyper so I am always walking and climbing and running. I like that photo though.
    Oh to be in your 20's and having firm flesh lol
    Love the eye liner. You look pretyy either way.
    My kitties sleep like that. they are not sleeping, just waiting for excitement. Like leopards in the wild....
    I want that fabric.... nowwww

  3. I love that catalog as well. Not only the clothes, those yoga poses. Those are some strong, fit women. I can only dream. Interesting on the eyeliner-how nice to have that done.

  4. Love that Sochi color quilt - so much my favorite colors. You are brave with that eyeliner tattoo. I would be too chicken. And I have a major dental phobia too! A lady at my hairdresser does this tattoo and it does always look good when she's done.

  5. Great collection of random things! I think your selfie is the first time I have seen a photo of eyeliner tattoos. Looks great and I'm sure it will be nice to get up in the morning and not have to think of your makeup! Cats sleep in the weirdest positions - must be why they need to stretch so much :) Congrats on the 250 miles!

  6. Deb...congrats on all your successes!! that eyeliner is something I want to do but am scared! Serious....I can't go anywhere without eyeliner!

  7. When I worked in a semi-conductor Fab, there was not make-up allowed. A number of the gals not only had the eyeliner tattoos but also had the lips done. In the fab all you could see were their eyes but on break without the mask you could get the entire effect. They always looks gorgeous while the rest of us looked washed out with no make up. Good job on the mileage. You are going great. I love the colors of the Sochi quilt. Even though I am on a fabric diet, that is going to have to be a splurge.

  8. I stared at all the Sochi things the whole time--this is beautiful!


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