Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Stash and Tools Too

These happy little packets of fun arrived in the mail this week. An email from Pink Chalk Fabrics got me clicking a while back... it's hard to resist a Scrap Bundle of fabrics (according to their website 3 to 3.5 yards) on sale for $9.95. Looking at their site today, I obviously wasn't the only buyer as their scrap bags are sold out!
I've been wanting to add some solids to my stash for my paper piecing BoM and to start mixing them in on my new projects. I'm still more into prints but my appreciation for solids is growing. Here are the contents of one scrap bag... a really nice mix of colors. Some are 1/4 yard cuts, some pieces are large rectangles just shy of FQ size and a few smaller lengths. Perfect for my intended use!
And a nice mix of prints in one of the other bags too. It will be fun to throw some new scraps into the mix when I start my next scrappy project. The other bags are just as yummy- I can recommend these without hesitation! Once they are back in stock of course.
I also had a large box arrive this week (I'm catching up on UFO Reward shopping) and I have to say my heart sank because I knew it wasn't large enough to ship the contents flat. Please excuse my crappy photo but I was in documenting shipping damage mode vs. pretty blog photo mode when taking it!
After about 36 hours of this treatment...
and another day of sitting on my cutting table underneath my old cutting mat it is thankfully flat, oh so pretty and I can't wait to cut some dark fabrics with ease on the yellow side of this Martelli mat. My eyes just aren't what they used to be!
I'm also going to give the Martelli rotary cutter a try. And since I was taking advantage of a sale I added a couple of my favorite Creative Grids rulers in sizes I don't have to the order. I have to say... I just LOVE the redesign since I last bought rulers! I've included an old one in the lower left for comparison. The new markings are so easy to read (do I sound like I'm getting older by the minute?). 

I just might have to replace a few of my most used rulers now too... kudos to a company for taking a product I already love using to a new level of WOW!
So that's what's new in my quilting room this week (lucky, lucky me!) and here is a peek at what I'm working on today. Scrappy Snowball is next on the UFO Finish list. As much as I'd rather be playing with my new tools it's time to quilt.
Happy Sunday sewing everyone! I'm linking up to Sunday Stash@Sew ET.


  1. Love all those solids; I've been trying to build up my stash of them as well. Whenever I raid a remnant bin, I always snag whatever solids I can find. And, I'm glad that you got the cutting mat to flatten out. I would have been beyond frustrated at how it was shipped! I love how the half inch lines are marked and there are reminder measurements in the center of the mat. Sometimes using my 24 inch ruler on my 36 inch mat that doesn't have all those extra lines gets confusing.

  2. Wow! Did you ever have some fun times shopping. Love those prints! Glad you got your mat must have been very discouraged at first. Love your snowball quilt!

  3. That's great you got that mat flattened - how disappointing THAT must have been to open up!

    Love the scrap packs! I've never bought a scrap pack of solids, but it looks like you got some awesome stuff -- maybe I should pick one up some time!

  4. Fun additions. I've never purchased a scrap pack...I'm intrigued now.

  5. I have been using that rotary cutter for several years and I love it. I have lupus in my bones and joints and I can cut for hours with it. Love the scrap quilt.

  6. Oh, wait! That gold mat is just the back of the purple? That is really cool. Yeah - I love the Creative Grid rulers that I have. :)

  7. Your scrap packs look wonderful! And I am curious to know what you think of the rotary cutter. Do you think it would help somebody with weak and painful joints?

  8. I was too late to the Scrap packs at Pink Chalk - they were obviously very popular!! So glad you got your mat flattened out :-)

  9. Oo those scrap packs look so tempting! I think they are such a great way to get a bunch of different fabrics at minimal cost. The solids are a great idea too. Thanks for linking up!

  10. I love creative grids rulers! I was seriously tempted, but resisted when I was in MN. I just need to decide what I want and my dealer/boss will order them for me.

  11. Ugh....not the way to ship a mat! Here's a hint for warped mats for the future.....fill bath tub with warm--not hot--water. Soak mat for 15 minutes or so. Then lay flat....I put a towel under neath it...stack books on top or etc. I have put them in the sun for 5 minutes to soften and then lay the mat flat.

  12. If you ever find yourself in this situation again run the mat under some really hot water and then roll it up with the working side out rubber banded for a about an hour or so and then unroll it should lay flat or flat enough to be used. It will continue to lay flat as you use it.


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