Monday, October 28, 2013

Month End Plans

It's been a busy in a good way month and that will continue through Thursday as I'm heading back down to Minneapolis/St. Paul on Wednesday afternoon to go to a concert with my sister and spending the day on Thursday shopping my favorite places. Our daughter will be going home tonight with the grand cats and we are going up to my parents this afternoon for a visit. My mom continues to be doing well with her knee replacement recovery which is a big Yay!

So it's time to either go for broke re quilting finishes or put them aside until November. I see a lot of DONE! on my October Goals and I'm feeling pretty good about getting a few more. My design wall reflects that today. And one cat on the table getting ready to jump on the one on the floor which is typical after I open the door!
My plan is to sandwich, quilt and bind Kitchen Sink Feed Sacks (my October NewFO and WIP Finish goal) which is hanging over my wall tomorrow. This morning I'll finish up quilting the borders on Thimbleberries Jacob's Ladder so I can attach the binding and bring it along today for hand sewing.  I've altered the contrast a bit on the next two pictures so the quilting shows better.
I'm really happy with how the diagonal quilting is looking on the blocks. My goal is to highlight the ladders of the top but let the patchwork and fabrics be the star. I'm going to to add at least 2 more lines of quilting to each section... a small diamond in the middle 4 patch and a line on the other side of the seam line through the dark fabrics on the ladder.
I've been using cream Aurifil so far but will be using a darker thread in the borders and will probably use that for the next lines on the blocks as well. This quilt is my October goal for "A Lovely Year of Finishes" so it WILL get done!

Last but not least are my 3 remaining "And Sew On" BoM blocks. I'm going to try and get at least 2 of them done... here is my cup of tea taking shape!
I'm linking up to Design Wall Monday@Patchwork Times and heading down to sew.


  1. Thanks for showing close-ups of your quilting. I'm always interested in seeing various strategies for machine quilting, as I am doing more and more of it these days. Going on either side of the ditch is very effective, I'll have to try that. Good for you, getting so much done!

  2. Your quilting is great. Love the ideas for completing it. Colors are terrific,
    And love your tea cup.
    Have fun on your adventure this week,

  3. The cup of tea block is adorable. That will be a cute addition to that quilt.

    You've really accomplished a lot this month. Wow! Not me - but there is always next month, right? And I did have a fun road trip with girlfriends and crazy family weekend with grandkids, so the month of October was good.

  4. I go out of town for a night and this is what you do? Lol. I missed the last post. It looks great. Your design wall is wonderfully full. Have a great time away. Glad your mom is doing well.

  5. You have a lot of quilts well under way. Mine are still all separate blocks. I love the cup block.

  6. Your quilts are all coming along beautifully and I love your cup block :)


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