Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reading and Sewing

I have been on a reading kick this week finishing 3 of Jo Nesbo's "Harry Hole" books. Nesbo is a Norwegian author (the books are set in Oslo) and his books are tightly plotted with memorable characters. Harry Hole is an extremely flawed detective who becomes pretty fascinating as you learn more about him.

"The Snowman" was my first Nesbo read which is the 5th book of the series and since then I've been working my way through the ones that are translated in order (book #2 is due this winter). His latest book "Police" has just been released. I highly recommend them if you enjoy reading crime fiction.

Today I'm setting aside my iPad and getting back into my quilting room. Here are a few of my blocks for Feed Sacks from the book "Scrap-Basket Surprises" by Kim Brackett. These blocks go together really quickly and I think I'll have a full wall in no time... just 20 blocks are needed for a Project Linus size quilt.
I'll also be doing some much needed housekeeping so I can baste some tops and cut some binding fabrics later today.
The grand cats will be here another week until our daughter comes home. J-Meow has been thrilled because school was out on Thursday & Friday so our son (who he adores) has been home. He will not sit on my lap ever... let alone like this!
I'm linking up to Feline Friday@sarah did it! and Scrap Basket Sunday@Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.


  1. Loved the cat picture - he looks pretty pleased with his pose. I'm glad that it isn't just MY cutting table that collects clutter sometimes. I kept mine pretty clean for a couple of months, and now it is a mess again.

  2. I too just spent a day cleaning up my sewing area as it looked dangerously like yours! LOL! That cat is hilarious!!!! I've been reading more too...must be the Fall weather. :)

  3. I love the Harry Hole series! Very cute cat pose!

  4. I love the Harry Hole series too - must be something to do with if your first name is Deborah :-)

  5. I love you blog. I have Jax and JMeows girl twin at my house. :) can't wait to read more and congrats on making so much headway on your UFO completions!

  6. What an adorable pose!!!!
    Nice scrap quilt - are you using 2" strips? My strip bins are all pretty full so I'm sure I could make it work for any strip size...

  7. Relaxed cat! I read my first Jo Nesbo book just last month, Phantom. I enjoyed it, but I did find it very dark. I think it's a credit to the author it could take me to such dark places in the characters psyche.


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