Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

One of my creative Facebook friends shared this picture from Quilting Daily on Monday and it has been stuck in my mind ever since.
Now, to be fair, I quit cleaning my house years ago. I struggle with domestic chores... I procrastinate, I get easily distracted and I end up feeling guilty because I'm so inept at staying on task. Our daughter who was always looking to earn extra spending money did our weekly cleaning during her high school years. We both were happy with that arrangement!

Then when she went off to college it was barely a month before I fell and broke the top of my tibia into pieces. Enter our cleaning person who has become a friend over the last 4 years. She LOVES to clean our house and I really don't so once again we have a win-win situation.

Since I was house bound except for being taken to Dr. appts. and PT for 12 weeks after my accident it is very natural to be home when she is here - I know where she will be when and I move about the house accordingly (often clearing surfaces in the next room one step ahead of her). We talk about our kids and what's going on in our lives each week, she admires my quilting projects and of course I love how she cleans our house.

So really I am drawn to the second part of this saying "start decorating her soul instead". I just love the sound of that! Isn't that why we quilt or create in a nutshell? Simply stated, it's just a beautiful way of expressing how important it is to find happiness.

Perhaps one day I'll get my act together and find joy in housekeeping (could it be like learning how to finish UFOs I wonder?) or maybe I'll develop a passion for cooking (which would certainly decorate my husband's soul too). I surely hope to decorate my soul one day with grandchildren to love! But for now, it's all about being creative for me. How do you decorate your soul?

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  1. I love this graphic and also LIVE by it. About 15 years ago, when my girls were in middle and high school and I was still teaching - I complained that I spent too much time cleaning and wanted more help. The girls already did all of their own laundry, and were responsible for the whole basement where their rooms/bath/family room were. My husband doesn't like to clean either so his response was: hire someone. So for the past 15 years I've had the same friend come every other Wednesday to clean. We were good friends before, and that has continued. And if I'm home when she comes we catch up on what is new. Love her - and depend on her! She frees me up to spend more time decorating my soul with quilting.

  2. I hope I don't have to break something in order to get a cleaning lady. I have the same aversion to housework that you have, but I've never had a cleaning lady. I just learn to live with a certain amount of dust and clutter. I wish I were more fastidious about stuff like that, but I'm not, so I try not to sweat it too much.
    PS: I love the sentiment, too!

  3. Great thoughts! I quilt for me. Now to find that cleaning lady.....

  4. I don't enjoy house cleaning either but am pretty spoiled with mynhusband doing most of it!

  5. I am SO with you. I'm also lucky, I do a trade with one of my clients - I do her hair, she helps me clean. Unfortunately, that translates into only two hours every six weeks, but it helps so much. As for the last part, I often ask myself why I do what I do (make quilts) and have a hard time coming up with an answer that doesn't sound frivolous or self indulgent. I have to admit tho, I do it mostly because it DOES nourish my soul! It brings me great pleasure. Is that so bad?

  6. I love this quotation. I am going to spend the week thinking about it. We typically say "stop cleaning and start sewing!" (which is cute, too!) but this is more profound. Thank you for adding this spiritual dimension to my week...


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