Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Month in Review

I'm happy to write that my knee is feeling much better (cellulitis) after 2 days on antibiotics. Today I watered my flowers and am able to get up and down the stairs without pain... so I'm thinking a little sewing might be just the thing I need to help me say so long to July and move ahead to August!

To sum up July's quilting quickly:

1. I finished one UFO - Charm Quilt #1.
2. I made teal blocks for RSC13.
3. I got my design wall up.
Other July observations:
  • I was out of town for 10 days
  • I spent 4 days nursing my sore knee
  • I read or listened to 13 books
  • I did a lot of knitting and started crocheting again for the 1st time in decades
  • It has been the windiest summer month I can remember!

My July Goals ended up looking like this:

1-UFO#1 TB Jacobs Ladder*
2-UFO#2 Puppy Baby Quilt*
3-UFO#3 ABC Charm Quilt*
4-UFO#4 Charm Quilt #1-DONE!
5-NewFO Project*
6-And Sew On Blocks
7-RSC13 Blocks-DONE!
8-Finish 1 WIP*
9-Design Wall Up-DONE!
10-Pound Some Nails
*In Progress

Therefore August is going to look a LOT like July:

1-UFO#1 TB Jacobs Ladder
2-UFO#2 Puppy Baby Quilt
3-UFO#3 ABC Charm Quilt
4-UFO#4 Charm Quilt #2
5-UFO#5 Charm Quilt #3
6-NewFO Project
7-And Sew On Blocks (June, July & August)
8-RSC13 Blocks
9-Finish 2 WIPs
10-Pound Some Nails

I'm going to try again with my Thimbleberries Jacobs Ladder Quilt as my August finish for A Year of Lovely Finishes.
July flew by like the wind so I hope August lingers a bit. Our weather has been rather fall-like the last 10 days and that makes me a bit sad.

I'm linking up to Nothing But UFOs@A Passion for Applique, Fresh Sewing Day@Lily's Quilts, The Year of the Finished Project@Never Too Hot to Stitch and A Year of Lovely Finishes@Sew Bittersweet Designs.                                                        .


  1. Glad the knee is starting to recover. Great work so far as every bit counts.

  2. Considering the knee problem you really did get a lot done in July. And reading some good books counts. I have also gotten some good reading done this month and NONE of it was for work. Yay!!

  3. Oh wow! So glad that knee is feeling better! Sore knees affect everything we do :(

    I love that scrappy quilt you've got going on your design wall - wow!!!

  4. You have had a very productive July considering! And yes, it`s been an off July here too, so... what is a girl to do but go sew something - and I love you Jacob`s Ladder. Looks very snugly and warm although not as big as I would like it!! :-) Did you read the books or listen to them because I can listen to that many, but to sit and read them - hmmmmmm. There was a time when I definitely could have, but lately.......

    Great finishes, great plans for August and now, lets get them done!!
    (As I am reading your list, I was creating my own - better get off the comp so I can make a good start on the month!!!)
    thanks for the view into your world - it is a fun place to visit! Thanks for letting me in!!

  5. great job this month. yes, it did fly by and I hope August will go by a little slower except maybe with some cooler weather. LOL

  6. That's a great design wall. So big! Glad you are feeling better too

  7. I love your quilts. And I love your design walls as well. I'm hoping to get something in the way of a design wall up soon too. I can see where it would be very useful.

  8. What lovely work! I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of your design wall: I haven't space for one (too many bookshelves in the way) and I wish for one every now and again.

  9. I love your teal blocks! Hope your knee is completely better soon!

  10. I love your design wall and those teal blocks! Awesome.

  11. popping over from LYF....... good lucky with all that beautiful work

  12. Darling little charm quilt - I love how you quilted it, so simple with the wavy lines.

    I'm really liking your Arkansas Crossing blocks - nice pattern, and such happy colors.

    I covet your design wall!

  13. Wow, I achieve nothing when I am in pain, can't believe how much you managed in July - you must be a machine when not suffering! Your design wall looks brilliant, such a useful thing to have. One of my saddest things about moving house last year was losing the space for a design wall.

  14. Sorry to hear about your knee, hope that you have continued to improve. Love the teal blocks, very clean and fresh looking.


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