Monday, April 20, 2015

Picnic in Serenade = Flimsy

It is unseasonably cold out today with a brisk wind and snowflakes falling intermittently so there will be no outdoor pictures taken. I'm afraid this flimsy might fly over the trees and right into our lake! Even Elsa is unhappy as she was enjoying spending her afternoons on the porch last week as we had temperatures in the 60's and low 70's.

 So here is Picnic in Serenade on my design wall instead.
This is one of those patterns that I fell in love with at first sight and I ordered the book because of the cover quilt called Picnic. It's very satisfying to see it come together after I started it 2 years ago as one of my UFO Reward projects (during 2013 I was able to start a new project after I finished 10 UFOs). I have three of Kim Brackett's books and think they are all great.
When I was finishing the blocks this winter I posted about my discovery of this Folded Corner Clipper. Not only do I love it for block construction...but it also made my joins of the angles go together smoothly when I sewed the blocks together. I didn't even pin between the block seams!
I just kept a careful eye to make sure my seam allowances were laying the right way and trusted Mr. Juki to do the rest. This tool is a keeper.
The fabrics are from Kate Spain's line called Serenade and it is an eclectic mix of patterns as well as an unusual mix of colors. I think they are well suited for this happy looking pattern. For now this top will go on a hanger and wait it's turn for quilting... and I'm ready to load up something new on my design wall which is always exciting.


  1. Very pretty! We're having a very windy cool day today too. Driving in 40 mph winds was a challenge this afternoon. And we won't even talk about what my hair looked like after walking a couple of blocks at noon for lunch during our staff meeting day.

  2. Very nice! I agree, all of Kim Brackett's books are terrific. Love the fabrics you are using.

  3. Very nice Deb. Love the fabrics you have used. I am just finishing off an Island Chain quilt from the book.

  4. It looks lovely. Much better inside than in the lake!
    I will have to look for that folded corner clipper.

  5. This is a wonderful quilt. Your points are perfect. Love the colors and pattern.

  6. Your top looks great! Thanks for the tip on the tool. Is it much different from the Easy Angle ruler?

  7. Lovely quilt top and a very effective block design. I was also going to ask the same question as Jasmine, above. So is it?

  8. nice colors, Deb. I like this pattern, very pleasing.You did a nice and neat job, so that means you are focusing.
    Elsa looks unhappy I agree. and when there is no sun, they just follow you around in need of reassurance and extra doting. My kitty boys are enjoying sun. I wish we had a screen porch but Miles would destroy it in a day.
    Some quilting projects are on my design wall, good for moving things around, Right now I am scrambling like a worker bee to finish up the preparations for my oldest daughters baby shower. My youngest daughter is planning it and she is all lists and spreadsheets. I just do what she and the other sister in law tell me to do. :-)
    Happy Tuesday. I hope you get sun

  9. I bought the same book all because of the cover. When I get a few more UFO's finished I will reward myself with this top.

  10. Nice finish! It turned out great. I can't even find mine lol!

  11. Very nice quilt top. Just remembered that I have a Serenade jelly roll in my stash. Now I'll have to buy the book to make a quilt like yours. Never quite knew what to do with that jelly roll so thanks for the idea.

  12. Miss Elsa is gorgeous!!!
    oh...and.... love your blog...

  13. Great job! You should email Kim, she loves to see what people make from her books. I've made this one twice, it's a great design.


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