Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Journals and Elsa

It surely seems that time is sprinting by this year. One would think that the empty nest years would move slowly but that certainly is NOT the case for me! It was so nice reconnecting with some of you after my last post by the way and I am making progress through my blog roll. Slowly but surely...
Since no sewing has happened since my last post I'll share a bit about my ongoing affair with paper. My current books are shown above - the bottom two are for creative journaling and the top two are for planning and tasks. I use the middle two every day. The pink disc bound journal is my Fauxbonichi which has been a part of my daily habit since April. These pages make me so happy! They are a mix of color play, glued bits, stamped images, journaling prompts, what happened during my day and/or what's on my mind.

The purple traveler's notebook houses my calendar, bullet journal and some inserts I use to track my walks and projects. This is a new setup for me since November 1st as I try to stay focused and make the most of these last 2 months of 2015. The inserts are held in place by elastic bands and this is a very tactile journal. I love the color, the leather and the way it feels in my hand.
The colorful journal on the bottom is my MAMBI Happy Planner which I have been using since July as a motivational/memories/gratitude journal. Planner decoration is a huge thing now... and while I'm more of a functional planner this journal allows me to get my "pretty planning" fix so I can leave my real planner alone!

I won the small orange traveler's notebook in an online giveaway and I carry it with me in my purse. It has an appointment calendar, an insert to jot down notes and an insert for me to journal about My Obsessions. As in things I may WANT but do not NEED or things that stuck in my mind that I want to write out.

Elsa loves my Paper Room almost as much as she loves my Quilting Room as it is full of little bits to bat off a table, paper edges to chew and containers to examine. As if she has no toys at all of her own! She has been with us almost 2 years now and still has the energy of a kitten. The top of this tower is for napping and the middle is... well... for toys. *WINK*

She also has a second toy box in the corner of our living room. Every couple of days I pick up after her and then she has lots of fun scattering them about again. Oh the life of a Spoiled Sweet Little Princess Cat!

I am looking forward to a long weekend in Dallas to meet up with several cousins and welcome the youngest member of my extended family - an adorable 2 month old boy who I cannot wait to cuddle and snuggle! And yes, I am packing a quilt for him that has been waiting for the right little person. Next week will be busy with preparations for Christmas. Is your tree up yet?


  1. I do have my tree up but am struggling a bit with my lack of Christmas cheer. I got a kick out of seeing Elsa's toys. Our Sammy used to scatter his toys around too. Now it is just one ragged stress ball that we find in various places in the house. He won't chase it anymore but does carry it around sometimes.

  2. I love seeing all that you are doing with paper. It is such fun. I am enjoying my slow journey down that path too.
    I hope you have a great time with all your extended family.

  3. Love your post on journaling; I have been keeping journals forever--my daily one is my Franklin planner, but I took an online book making class and made various cloth covered journals which I bound myself--a lot of fun...made some junk journals of our cruises, too.
    I love paper and scrapbooking a lot...joined Quilty Fol's "365" for a year journal in fabric circles. Elsa is a beautiful girl! Hugs, Julierose

  4. At one of my previous jobs they supplied us with Franklin planners. I kept up but never prettified like yours - yours are real memory pieces! Nowadays my iPhone houses my calendar and my honey do lists are on mini legal pads or a ceramic tile. Does Elsa play with all her toys? Squeaky carries 2 around with her but Zorro plays with them all. I periodically put them away and he pulls them out. His current fav is a homemade catnip toy =^..^=

  5. You look like you are really enjoying the creative side of your journals, which is great! Enjoy your trip and family especially that newest one.

  6. Ah, paper and quilts- my two favorite things! Princess Cat is very sweet.

  7. Love your creative journals, they remind me a bit of the Sark journals I loved in college.

  8. Love your journals. What is it about fabric and paper that draws us in? I know for years I would buy paper but would not do anything with it because I thought it could only go in a scrapbook. I have since found other ways to use it or have given it to my daughter. Now I focus on sewing quilts and attempt to resist the siren call of paper products and colored pencils. I do not need a new interest. I have to much fabric to sew!

  9. I have a crate full of blank paper. Ooh, the thrill of a blank notebook!

    Our tree went up. Twice. The first time, the stand split in half. The second time, we trimmed the trunk and it still doesn't really fit in the backup stand. I bought a new stand, so maybe the third time will stick! We only have lights up and a few Jesse tree ornaments on it,

  10. The tree is up but I haven't plugged it in yet (yep, plastic tree and LED lights, I'm all about low maintenance). I need to get the rest of the decorations down from in the garage to hang, hopefully this weekend.

  11. Nice planners and workbooks, They are absolutely delightful!

  12. no tree yet but maybe today? we vacuumed. I love your journals. I feel your struggle with being creative and sense you pressure yourself to get things made. I think you are being creative and my Christmas wish for you is relaxing. Relax into what you want to do that day, not what you should do. Know what I mean? I love the colors and lines you make. LeeAnna


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