Monday, June 1, 2015

Good Grief - June!

For all of the Peanuts lovers out there... Good Grief Charlie Brown it's JUNE! Even though I had  to put my annuals in the garage due to frost warnings over the weekend it truly is June 1st.
Elsa is happy for warmer temperatures again for her afternoon nap. Our son Micah is home from school and started his summer job today. His school year ended on a high note and, while he is happy to be home, I know he will be anxious to go back in late August. It is so nice to have him around and he seems to have accepted that straight A's at a quality school in a demanding program is NOT going to happen. I am loving his new relaxed mood and feel lighter as a result myself.
My quilting room is still eluding me and I'm not even going to bother setting goals for June. Tom and I will be spending our annual week in Vegas this month, there is lots of planting to get done and our daughter Megan arrives for a visit at month end. I have 3 Junk Journals to make for swaps this month - above you can see my paper dying experiments using Koolaid and Glimmer Mist sprays. I think I captured the soft vintage look I was going for. And, when those summer temperatures arrive to stay the lake will be calling my name.
My Fauxbonichi habit is still going strong too... I've expanded to 2 pages per day so that I can write more and follow along with some of the daily prompts in the Fauxbonichi Journalers Facebook group. I'm loving the color prompt days we have where we are given the photo for inspiration as shown above - it's like picking fabrics for a quilt but finishing it right NOW! My creative mo-jo hasn't gone dormant - it's just coming through in different ways. Maybe not setting any quilting goals will get me sewing... fingers crossed!


  1. The color prompt is very interesting. You have me intrigued.

  2. Enjoy your family, express yourself and your quilting mojo will return in time. So follow the path your creativity is taking you, and see what you learn and discover. Know that we miss you!

  3. Like your fauxbonichi pages. I've started one this month and Listers too. You inspired me to get out my paper and stamps, I'm loving it!! Thank you so much.

  4. RIght...June already!!! SOunds like things are going well. (smiles) Enjoy Vegas!!

  5. Looks like you have some very sensible plans for this month to enjoy the company of your family.
    Gorgeous colours from your colour play with the papers. Very pretty. Keep enjoying your journal challenges.

  6. your scrap book is so creative. looks fun to do but not time for that at the moment. not much time to do many of my crafts. have fun in vegas.


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