Sunday, October 5, 2014

See You In a Few...

Early this afternoon I'll head out on my road trip east to visit two of my favorite people:
Our daughter Megan and our son Micah. We had a family photo shoot in July before Moving Month started and our photographer did a fantastic job. I'll share more later on. And I can't forget a most welcome addition to our family - Megan's fiance Chris. They got engaged in June while looking for their apartment in Columbus, OH and are planning to get married in June 2016 after Chris finishes graduate school. It's so exciting!
Aren't they a striking couple? They simply belong together and we are crazy about him too (and that's no small feat for my husband who is VERY protective of his little girl!).

My coffee cozies are packed in my bag and I'll wait to attach the buttons so I can custom fit them to their Starbucks cups. I can see making LOTS more of these... maybe I'll work on small projects when I get back before tackling my UFO Collection.

Since I had this to contend with it was easy to pull out enough thread to go and leave the rest until I get back! LOL

I hope to post my September Bibliophiles and Q4 Finish A Long link ups while I'm on the road... fingers crossed. See you in a few weeks!


  1. Have a great trip and safe travels. What a fine looking family you have!

  2. What great pictures! And what a good idea to have a professional photography session! Such a good looking couple indeed! And a lovely, young mom! Have a great trip!

  3. HI Deb, Have a great trip. Your daughter and fiance look adorable. Were we ever that young?? Love the cozies. They make such fun gifts.

  4. Heee :) I'd do the same thing- leave the rest of the thread-cleaning for later. Have a GREAT visit!

  5. Really nice family photos! Travel safely and enjoy those visits.

  6. Beautiful photos and congrats on the wedding - exciting times!


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